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RUSH: Tom in Sandusky, Ohio. Great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s great to talk to you again. I really enjoy your show.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: One of the first things I do in the morning is I get up and turn on the computer and read the American Thinker and I usually read most of the articles in it depending on how much time I have.

RUSH: It’s a great site.

CALLER: Yes, it is. I read that and a lot of other sites. But anyhow, there was an article in there called, ‘Poisoned Wells’ by a Bruce Walker. And he took your name in vain, okay, along with O’Reilly and —

RUSH: You’re talking about the Law & Order SVU show?

CALLER: Yes. At first I thought to myself, I was furious, you know, I mean my wife says I got a short temper —

RUSH: Yeah, but wait just a second. The American Thinker didn’t do it. Law & Order SVU did. The American Thinker reported it.

CALLER: Right. I didn’t mean to say the American Thinker, the article in there by Bruce Walker mentioned that Law & Order SVU did this, okay? But anyhow, one of the last comments was this Law & Order SVU was not only instructing us which individuals are killers, but which political class of people in America are killers. And that just — I just blew my cork, you know.

RUSH: I’ve known about this since last week. I generally choose to not respond to this because if I did it’s all I would do. But I’m a little long in this segment. I’ll talk about this in the next hour, Tom. Thanks for the call.


RUSH: Maybe it ought to bother me, folks, the stuff that the caller was talking about, when it was said about me on Law & Order SVU that Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Beck, all of them, they’re like a cancer spreading ignorance and hate. It’s said so often that it’s commonplace. The left can do nothing but name call. They can’t disagree with anything I say issue-wise, they do this, just so common that I just ignore it. It doesn’t have any impact on me anymore.


RUSH: All right, here’s this clip from Law & Order SVU, Special Victims Unit. It was last Wednesday night on the Obama network, NBC, run by Jeffrey Immelt (who Obama would never call a fat cat, by the way) and it’s a scene between Senior Detective Odafin Tutuola (played by the well-known rapper Ice-T) and the attorney Randall Carver (who is played by John Larroquette) and they’re talking about a defendant in a murder.

TUTUOLA: I don’t get why you defending this wacko.

CARVER (fake accent): Target the symptom, not the disease.

TUTUOLA: That symptom killed three kids.

CARVER (fake accent): Garrison, Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly, all of them, they are like a cancer spreading ignorance and hate. They have to convince folks that immigrants are the problem, not corporations that fail to pay a living wage or a broken health care system.

RUSH: Now, I heard about this the moment that it happened, and everybody around me says, ‘Rush, how can you sit there and let them say that about you?’ Folks, they’ve been saying this kind of stuff and worse for 21 years. I mean, look, Bill Clinton accused me of blowing up or being responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, for crying out loud. ‘Yeah, Rush, but you responded to that.’ Well, I did, this being the president of the United States. This is a losing-rating TV show that used to be good but it’s long ago since served its purpose. NBC is in the toilet with primetime programming and this is an example why. What they’re doing here is the producer of the show is a guy named Dick Wolf, and he hires the writers, and the writers are gutless wonders. They have to put their own political beliefs in the show that they’re on and they put their own beliefs in the words of their characters.

They hide behind their characters when they put this stuff out there. Now, I’ve always thought, when this kind of stuff happens, you know, ‘Why amplify it? Why broadcast it and do even larger audience?’ and some people say, ‘But, Rush, they just are accusing you of inciting your audience to run out and kill illegals.’ Well, maybe I’m stupid. I just don’t happen to think anybody’s gonna believe that, anybody I care about is gonna believe that. I know t the people that are going to believe this or be entertained by it already think it. It’s just, to me… I guess the value in playing it is and commenting on it is it’s just an illustration of how far gone the Democrat Party is. The Democrat Party is the home today of renegade communists, out-of-work liberals and socialists, and Marxists. That’s where they’ve gravitated to and they happen to be running it now and their buddies in entertainment are no different.

So I guess there’s merit in playing it in the sense that it would suppose them even further for who they are. But in terms of it bothering me? I really appreciate you people being bothered by it, I do. I just want you to know: It doesn’t bother me. When I hear about it, I laugh at it — and I sometimes I even laugh at the people also mentioned here who just had a cow and react to it as though they have been slandered and maligned and demand apologies and all this sort of thing, which is exactly what these clowns want. (interruption) Well, Snerdley is shouting in my ear, ‘It is slanderous.’ I know. Maybe I’m just too experienced at this. I just know it’s the league I play in. This is what happens when you put yourself out there and it really is what happens when you’re right. To me this is a testament of my effectiveness. I told you people long ago: I learned not to give people the power to offend me.

I don’t mean to sound New Age-y. I’m talking about genuine mental health. Why would I transfer that kind of power to people I don’t even know, to mess and screw with my emotions and screw them up that way? That’s for people who love me to do. The people I don’t care about to do. (laughing) I couldn’t care less, and I’m not going to give them that power. I appreciate you being upset by it, but this stuff hasn’t hurt. I mean personally. It hasn’t hurt me personally, hasn’t hurt professionally or business wise. But we’re a very partisan, divided society, and the people in the left are in panic. The more power they get, the more irritated, the angrier, the more unflattering they become. They’re not a happy bunch of campers. They’re on the ropes now. Stop and think where these people are. Put yourself in their shoes. They bought all that New Age crap that Obama was selling. All during the campaign, they really bought it — and so did a lot of independents.

They really bought the idea that for once in their lifetimes we were going to sweep away all the acrimony from our culture, we were going to get rid of all the bickering, the arguing. We were going to get rid of all the partisanship! The world is once again going to love us. The world never did hate us except the people who should hate us, our enemies. They never did hate us because of Iraq. The United States still is the place you come in this world to be the best you can be, and the lines of people getting in here are testament to it although there are some people who get to get in here to get in our safety hammock. It’s not a net, it’s a sham object but still on balance the people coming here want to become the best they can be. So if you bought into all this stuff that Obama represented, postpartisanship, postracialism…

‘We’re going to have no more racial divides in this country because we’re going to finally assuage our guilt! We’re going to elect the first black president. That’s going to tell everybody we’re finally good people. We’re going to cleanse our souls. We’re going to get rid of our past. We’ve never had anybody like this!’ Imagine if you believed that. ‘We’re going to have full employment in six months! We’re going to put people back to work.’ They were at work until Obama got here. Obama has exacerbated it. Put yourself in their shoes. Put yourselves in the shoes of Dick Wolf and these lame writers. Imagine… Let me illustrate it this way. Imagine if in 1980 we elected Ronald Reagan because we believed him that he was going to cut taxes, that he was going to defeat the Soviets, that he was going to rebuild the military, that he was going to bring morning to America again.

Imagine how we would feel if Reagan did the exact opposite. We would be mad, too! We would feel betrayed. We would feel anger, upset. Obama is selling these people out. He’s not closed Gitmo. He hasn’t gotten us out of Iraq. He sent even more troops into Afghanistan! The reasons that his kook fringe base voted for him, I mean he’s spitting in their eye. (spits) Health care, it isn’t going to insure all the millions of uninsured. There is no compassion in Barack Obama. There is no concern for the little guy. He’s destroying everything! Now, imagine if you had voted for this guy. You’d be steamed, too. You went into the election ticked off because you live ticked off. Your daily life is filled with rage!

You have to have hate in your heart or you can’t be a liberal. You have to manufacture that. That’s what all this is about. And now you think finally your utopia was upon us. That this great and wonderful world where everybody was equal and everybody was the same and everybody had the same amount of respect and nobody was discriminated against except conservatives! You thought that was going to happen because The One, The Messiah, had been elected. Imagine how you would feel if you’d voted for the guy. Well, that’s where these people are. So they take it out on people like me ’cause they know — they know — if they ever get serious for a second, they know I’m right. They know that all of us were right in warning the people what this country was going to become if this guy gets elected.

They know it. So they hate us even more because the thing they really can’t stand is for us to be right, and we’re right all the time. We’re so often right they don’t discuss issues with us. They just have to name-call, accuse us of murder and hate and of course they’re the ones that write books on assassinating Bush! They’re the ones that write books and do movies on assassinating books. They’re the ones that keep body counts of battlefield deaths. These are the people who urge defeat. I mean, can you imagine the psychology of these people? They’re filled with anger, rage, and hate all day long, have to have an outlet for it. So in these people’s case it’s their stupid TV show. I’m just surprised they didn’t throw Sarah Palin in there, but they’ve done enough with her over the months, they probably gave her a break on this.

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