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RUSH: I had to laugh the other day. I had a thought last night. Remember we had a story about this bunch of wackos that met in New York over the weekend to try to figure out Christians and try to figure out dominionist Christians? It’s a small bunch of Christians, by the way, the dominion group. Have you gone out and sought and found the Harper’s cover story I told you people about on Monday? Have you done that yet? It’s not on the web so you have to go out there, find a copy, fax it around or whatever, but they said something in that story yesterday that we shared with you about this wacko bunch trying to understand Christians. They wanted to move in, this wacko group did, and take back the Scriptures.

Now, wait a minute. I thought the problem as far as the left looking at Christians was concerned, was that they were too literal. They read the Bible and they believed every syllable of it. They are too literal. Why, everybody knows these are just allegories and these are just metaphors and these are just stories. Now all of a sudden they gotta take back the Scriptures? What does that mean? You know, “take back” is a political term. Take back power. These clowns want to take back Scripture. They wanted to take back the Constitution. They wanted to rewrite it so that it was able to bend and shape and form to whatever necessities or needs or desires that they had, so they want to do the same thing to Scripture, take back Scripture. And these people, all these people on the left, they have a rock-ribbed belief system that is unchallengeable by fact. They live in a world of distortion and hypocrisy and seething rage, and it’s comical to watch, but it’s also almost impossible to follow at the same time.

I wanted to pass this on. I wanted to make this observation because it just hit me, “take back the Scripture.” It’s like Howard Dean, “Take back the American flag from Rush Limbaugh!” We’re going to take back this, we’re going to take back that. Well, take back the Scripture — the implication is that the people who believe in Scripture have rewritten it, which is not true. The people that want to take it back want to rewrite it. That’s what “take back” means. They want to get rid of the offensive parts, and we all know what the offensive parts would be to the humanists and the secularists.

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