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RUSH: Haiti, ladies and gentlemen. I have a story here from the State-Controlled Associated Press. This is one week since the earthquake happened. Let me summarize the story. Violence, uncontained. Death toll has widened. Distribution points for aid, medical supplies, food and water, are not yet open. Medical sites are overwhelmed. And yet we are told that this response has been brilliant, that Obama’s working overtime, 36 hours a day to get this done. As I said yesterday, during Hurricane Katrina and that aftermath, the media portrayed George Bush as having a magic wand, a magic button, wave the wand, push the button, zap, immediately, shazam, everything fixed, but Bush wasn’t pushing the button, Bush didn’t care, Bush didn’t like black people. That’s why he didn’t rush to help people in New Orleans. You remember all of that? That’s not the reporting now. The reporting somehow, the violence is understandable, these people are hungry and thirsty, it’s understandable people are dying. Look at the devastation, it’s understandable distribution points are not open. Obama is trying as hard as he can out there, but the logistics make this almost impossible, medical sites being overwhelmed, what’s Obama supposed to do? He’s working as hard as he can on this.

That’s the flavor of the reporting we get here. By the way, Venezuela and the French say that we are occupying Haiti. Hugo Chavez, who is an expert in occupation, claims that that’s what we’re doing, that even the French say that that’s our objective. I’m going to tell you something. I would not be surprised, I’m not going to predict it, but I would not be surprised if somewhere down the road somebody in the Democrat Party proposes making Haiti a state. Has it already happened? It’s going to happen. Territory, state, bring ’em into the US sovereignty umbrella. There’s a lot of votes down there, especially after the US, with the Democrat president, saves the day, even though one week later not much is being saved.

Audio sound bites two and three. Alan Grayson, who is this deranged lunatic from central Florida was on another show with no audience. I was thinking, folks, what must it be like to be David Shuster? Follow me on this. I don’t know how old he is, but I guarantee you he’s in the news business so therefore he must have had high aspirations. He must be old enough to remember the days of Huntley and Brinkley on NBC, or Walter Klondike on CBS, or Frank Reynolds, Peter Jennings on ABC. All those guys had power. Those guys were able to move opinion. Those guys were able to effect policy. It is often said of Klondike that he got us out of Vietnam and lost the war when LBJ realized he’d lost him. So here’s David Shuster, aspiring to greatness in the news business based on those role models. And he gets close to becoming somebody at the Fox News Channel, but they had to get rid of him because he’s reporting all kinds of kooky rumors.

So now where is he? He’s on a cable network that’s in dead last place or struggling with their competition CNN, they go back and forth on this, nobody is watching. I mean you’ve got 300,000 viewers across the country. We have that many in New York City alone. Nobody is watching. What must it be like to be David Shuster or any of these people? Huntley, Brinkley were moving mountains, moving public opinion, shaping policy. So here’s this guy, David Shuster, and he goes from a network nobody watches to a radio show nobody heard of and starts taking potshots at the most listened to media figure in the country, me, El Rushbo, someone who does move policy, someone who does shape public opinion. What must it be like for these little people? And so here we have Alan Grayson, the lunatic on another show that nobody watches. Joy Behar is on the Headline News network. And here’s the question. ‘Why is Bush so quiet, and why is Cheney so loud?’

GRAYSON: Well, listen, I think that he was just as appalled by what Rush Limbaugh said as almost any other decent human being was. I mean Rush Limbaugh, if you want say one good thing about him, at least he’s consistent. Maybe he thinks that all those people who are trapped under the rubble in Haiti are going to be freed by the invisible hand of the free market.

RUSH: Darn right that’s what will save Haiti. It’s the only thing that hasn’t been tried. Everything else — statism, socialism, Marxism, dictatorship, communism, occupation — it’s all been tried. That country has been consistently poor. It’s worse than poor. That country was in rank devastation before the earthquake hit for hundreds of years. Damn right, Congressman Grayson, the only problem with the world is the unequal distribution of capitalism. You’ll find where there is not capitalism and free markets that you have tyranny, slavery, oppression, dungeons. This is the essence of American exceptionalism. The history of the world is the abuse of human beings by tyrants, both in government and outside of government. The history of the world is not pretty for the human condition. The United States however is exceptional, is the exception. The United States is the exception to the human condition. It’s never been better anywhere in the world than here. This is why so many of us, Congressman Grayson, are appalled and frightened at what your party seeks to do in destroying this exception that is the United States of America. Damn right capitalism would save Haiti, damn right it would. This is a montage of State-Controlled Media people bemoaning the bureaucracy in Haiti, and how it’s obstructing getting anything done.

COOPER: By the time it gets filtered down and the bureaucracy gets involved and there are a million chiefs involved. Days have been wasted when you could get some folks and get out there. Roll up your sleeves and start doing it.

GUPTA: People back home who have no idea are making these decisions and they’re just not the right decisions sometimes.

MITCHELL: There is so much bureaucracy.

COURIC: To see that the response was taking so long, it was so frustrating. These big bureaucracies. I just think it takes a while, I guess.

RUSH: I guess it just takes a while. Oh, they didn’t say any of this about Bush. They ripped into the bureaucracies, blamed Bush single-handedly and personally for this. But doesn’t it sound to me like there is an implied message? Don’t go through the government to fix this! Go through the private agencies. They are admitting exactly what I said. If you go through a bureaucracy, if you donate to WhiteHouse.gov, you’re not getting help or aid directly to the people who need it. These people inadvertently swerve into a truth uttered by me, your lovable and adorable host, El Rushbo.


RUSH: This is Cindy in Chicago. Nice to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, Rush, I’m so excited. I’ve been listening to you since back in the old Sacramento days.

RUSH: Wow. Thank you.

CALLER: And this is when you had your first thing down Santa Maria and you used to give out autographed pictures. Of course you’re too big now, but —

RUSH: I remember that.

CALLER: Do you remember that?

RUSH: I remember.

CALLER: You had like Uncle Sam, I want you?

RUSH: I remember that. That was one of the first Rush to Excellence Tour stops in the history of the EIB Network, Santa Maria.


RUSH: Not far from where Michael Jackson’s ranch is.

CALLER: Yeah, right. Anyway, it’s a thrill, it’s an absolute thrill. I’m a retired school teacher. Anyway, I’ll get to the point. I think, and there’s kind of proof, and I’ll give it to you, that Obama is probably responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths in Haiti after the quake by making everything about this political. I think it’s General Honore —

RUSH: Now, wait a minute. Wait, wait. How can you say that Obama is responsible for thousands of deaths in Haiti after the quake?

CALLER: Okay. I’ll get to my point. Okay. I’m going to preface it by saying that I got this idea first by listening to General Honore, who’s retired, who I think was President Bush’s go-to guy in Katrina.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And so, anyway, he said — and they gave him like 90 seconds or something on CNN. And I have never seen him — I know he’s a regular there, but ever since he said that, he’s not been on any of the shows again. So anyway —

RUSH: What did he say?

CALLER: Okay, he said that Obama’s first mistake was, he made the USAID guy in charge. He said that was a huge, huge mistake. He said if the president had chosen, like President Bush chose him — he didn’t say that part, but if he had chosen the military to be the go-to person on this, so much could be avoided. And I’ll give you real quick. Number one, the airport hassle, he says, ‘Are you kidding me? In the military? We do airport landings, runways, no matter where we go.’ He said we coulda had another one up and running in no time. You get the 82nd out there and he said, you know, we pick a location, and we could have had other landing strips.

RUSH: Well, did General Honore offer an opinion as to why Obama did not use the military as the first responders here instead of the USAID guy?

RUSH: No, he just said it was a mistake.

RUSH: Yeah. So it is on that basis that you believe the wrong person put in charge of the relief effort at the beginning, that unnecessarily thousands of people died, had the military been deployed in there first to set things up and get things going, handle the crime, handle the riots, that some deaths would not have happened?

CALLER: Well, there’s all this stuff in the airport and people are starving to death, no water for seven days and they’re sitting in the airport. Okay, that’s number one. Number two, he said evacuation. You don’t leave people who have just had, you know, amputees, people with bones jutting out of their flesh, he said you evacuate those people immediately. You don’t put them in these tents where you have, you know, 300 people and no nurses and no —

RUSH: Well, you know, interestingly yesterday at the news conference of Wyclef Jean, who is under all kinds of charges that he’s personally profiting from contributions made to his charity.

CALLER: Right, right.

RUSH: Made the same point. He says Port-au-Prince needs to be evacuated, just get everybody out of there. Put them in tent cities outside of Port-au-Prince, clean the place out; that way you can deal with people. You can’t get to people when the city is on top of them.

CALLER: You see people on the road with skull fractures, they’re still alive but they’re with skull fractures. And then the next thing that I wanted to — that the media is an accomplice in all this, the Israelis, what they did is they chose a location and they set up a hospital. This is like within like two, three days after the earthquake happened.

RUSH: Yeah, that I’m aware of.

CALLER: One of the reporters went in there and they got like, I don’t know, 15 seconds or something, it’s state-of-the-art. They had MRI machines, they had scanners, they had x-ray machines. I mean they only take as many patients as they can take care of, but he says it’s all state-of-the-art. Then they went to one of the other ones where they had 300 patients, they had two pressure cuffs. So they go to AID, USAID and they say, hey, you know, I mean these are surgical — you know, we need pressure cuffs. So they get all these boxes and the woman showed them, I don’t know if she’s a nurse or a doctor, but anyway she held one up, she says we were so thrilled, they opened up these boxes and, you know, I don’t know hundreds or — I mean it’s a huge, you know, huge boxes of these pressure cuffs that can take people’s blood pressure. And she said, they opened it up, you know the little pump thing when you get your pressure they have the little pump thing —

RUSH: Yeah, what was in the box?

CALLER: The pressure cuffs with no pump thing. And she said it’s worthless, throw them away. Then they opened up more boxes, and then she showed them, she held them up. And these were kits — you know, if you’ve had surgery, you know what this is — you have kits when you’re having a certain surgery, they have kits where all the stuff you use for that particular surgery is in the kit. They sent — I don’t know, thousands or hundreds, maybe just hundreds of kits for open heart surgery. She said, ‘You gotta be kidding. We’re not going to do open heart surgery.’ And she said these things are worthless. So the USAID people, I mean they’re just nuts.

RUSH: By the way, we ought to go back and following her call, I want to find that media montage of State-Controlled Media personnel complaining about the bureaucracy in Haiti.

COOPER: By the time it gets filtered down and the bureaucracy gets involved and there are a million chiefs involved. Days have been wasted when you could get some folks and get out there. Roll up your sleeves and start doing it.

GUPTA: People back home who have no idea are making these decisions and they’re just not the right decisions sometimes.

MITCHELL: There is so much bureaucracy.

COURIC: To see that the response was taking so long, it was so frustrating. These big bureaucracies. I just think it takes a while, I guess.

RUSH: Yeah, it just takes a while. I guess Bush could wave a magic wand and he didn’t but, ah, the bureaucracy, I guess it just takes a while. So the contrast of an Israeli hospital set up in two or three days, MRI machine, state-of-the-art, versus USAID with blood pressure cups without pumps, and open heart surgery kits, but they’re not doing open heart surgery. Her point is the General Honore, New Orleans: ‘Get the military in there to handle this, not these bureaucrats.’ My friends, dare I say this, Mr. Snerdley? My reaction to General Honore, were he have said that to me, I would have said, ‘Well, General, what has made you think in the past year that the commander-in-chief wants the military to shine or to get credit as opposed to his administration and the bureaucracy getting credit?’ I don’t think it’s an oversight the military wasn’t given the lead role here. I think these are leftists, folks. US military, focus of evil in the modern world to these sixties hippies that now run the country.

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