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RUSH: Here’s Bill in Lincoln, Nebraska. Bill, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Pleasure to talk to you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to call and thank you for bringing on Mr. Levin today, touching on the lighter end of the subject. You know, your program is always about pretty serious issues and I thank God, the Lord, for you and what you do. I just wanted to say, I had a Blue Heeler. His name was Boone. I had him for 17 years. He was the best dog a man could ever have, and he passed away the same day that my oldest daughter was born. He passed away in the morning; she was born that night. Talk about falling into a pile of dung and coming out smelling like a rose. I just wanted to thank him for his book and you bringing him on, because I know you don’t bring a lot of people on, and in the chaotic dynamic that the world is in today, pets can definitely bring on an unspoken peace.

RUSH: I’ve been checking the e-mail here, at the Rush 24/7 subscriber account, and it’s voluminous with people describing that they were reduced to tears, and it was one of the best segments that they’ve ever heard on this program. (I thought that was a little bit excessive, but I’ll take it.) Everybody has a lot of the same sentiments that you have. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I really am.

CALLER: Thank you, sir.

RUSH: You bet.


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