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RUSH: Lorraine X? Oh, I just saw that name. You didn’t warn me. Lorraine X from San Diego is on the phone.


RUSH: Lorraine X, how are you?

CALLER: Well, hello, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Well, I’m fine, Lorraine X. You’re in San Diego. I’m wondering why you’re not at the US Open and instead on the phone harassing me?

CALLER: (laughs) Well, you know, I was. My husband’s over there now, and I’m going back a little bit later today. So I spent a lot of time. You know, I think Tiger tees off later today, if he hasn’t already. And so it’s going on, Rush, but I know you love golf and I know you’d love to be here.

RUSH: Well, yeah, but I’d just as soon talk to you right now, Lorraine X. I prefer to watch golf on TV or from a skybox.

CALLER: All right. Let me tell you something, Rush. You remember I told you Barack Obama was going to get the nomination?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Okay, he got it. Now, I have something else I want to discuss with you. First let me tell you this, Rush. I want to congratulate you. I want to let you know that you’re one of the very few conservatives who’s sticking with principles on this issue of John McCain. You’re not just jumping on his bandwagon. You’re saying: Look, you are not going to compromise your Republican conservative principles just to go on a liberal like John McCain.

RUSH: See? See? I think you’re complimenting me but you’re wounding me to the heart.

CALLER: (laughing) I’m warning you, Rush!

RUSH: To get a compliment from you, Lorraine X —


RUSH: — is like Rita X from Detroit calling me and telling me I’m right about Farrakhan.

CALLER: (laughing) Well, let me tell you what’s going on. John McCain has not been vetted, okay? Barack Obama, I’m here to let you know, has a special team. It’s our espionage team. Well, I shouldn’t have said it. But anyway, there’s a special crack team that’s all over the country, okay? I’m a part of that. And —

RUSH: Wait a minute. Wait, wait. You’re part of the Obama crack team?

CALLER: Well, we call it our espionage team (laughing) where we going out and we digging up dirt. We getting into John McCain’s campaign, we send different people around to the campaign, and we sort of become a part of their campaign.

RUSH: So you’re in opposition research.

CALLER: You better believe it, but we call it our espionage team. But, you know, let me tell you what’s happening here. John McCain has not been vetted. Barack Obama knows it, and there is a few years back —

RUSH: Lorraine, give us some tidbits. What have you learned that we don’t know?

CALLER: Let me give you some tidbits. Let me give you some tidbits here. Look, a few years ago, Rush — and this is going to make news here, and this is truth. A few years ago —

RUSH: Just give me it!

CALLER: I’ll give it. I’m giving it to you.

RUSH: Just give me the information, doesn’t —

CALLER: I’ll give it to you. A few years ago in 2004, the so-called Straight Talk Express, okay?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: John McCain referred to Asians as ‘gooks.’ It’s a fact, okay. We already know that.

RUSH: Asians as gooks.

CALLER: Get to the quote, get to the quote.

RUSH: He was talking about the Vietcong, the North Vietnamese. He used gooks, everybody called ’em gooks. Let me spell it for Jay Carney at TIME Magazine: g-o-o-k-s. Everybody called ’em gooks.

CALLER: Hold on, hold on, but not in a presidential campaign. Listen, there was not believed — at the time he made that statement — that there was a tape. A videotape has surfaced of John McCain actually making those remarks. That tape, I’ve already seen it, Rush. Let me tell you: The Barack Obama campaign has it, it’s being held. It’s going to be dropped on the nation here in the next few weeks, and it’s devastating because it’s one thing for him to say it on tape, but to actually see John McCain — and, get this (garbled)

RUSH: Come on, Lorraine, if that’s the best you got, you might as well quit the crack team and head back out to the US Open.

CALLER: Oh, no, no. It’s pretty powerful. Let me tell you another thing.

RUSH: That’s nothing.

CALLER: No, no, no, no, no. Hold on. Let me give you another thing.

RUSH: Look at where we’ve gone. Lorraine X, thanks. Let me tell you where we’ve gone here. Look at what’s happening here. I have somehow been assigned responsibility for the Michelle (My Belle) whitey tape rumor. And of course, ‘No! That’s not true! It’s worthless! Nothing about it is true. It’s a totally fabricated rumor.’ Now the Obama campaign has Lorraine X out there, and they’ve got a tape — and they got a tape. And they’re waiting to drop the tape on McCain, and it’s a tape of McCain calling the North Vietnamese ‘gooks.’ Woooow! This is going to be a really hard-fought campaign.


RUSH: That McCain story and the gooks, that’s from 2000. San Francisco Chronicle, there’s a guy named C. W. Nevius wrote about it, tried to stir up all kinds of stuff then. McCain hasn’t been vetted? I wish that were true. I wish there was some things that — well, never mind, never mind.

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