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Mark Davis of WBAP-AM in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex filled in behind the mic on Monday.
“The myth perpetuated by so much of our culture that conservatism is about racism, cruelty, hatred of the planet, is just BS, BS, BS, and what we need are people who can skillfully explode those myths.” — Mark Davis

• HE: Scozzafava Too Liberal for New York Conservatives

“If conservatives get behind Doug Hoffman, even if it elects Bill Owens, the lesson for Republicans is you better get behind reliable conservatives or there will be trouble.” — Mark Davis

• NRO: It Can Happen: Congressman Doug Hoffman

“When Republican candidates are reliably conservative the party succeeds.” — Rush Limbaugh

• PI: GOP Worried About Daggett’s Impact on NJ Race
• Politico: California Race in New York’s Shadow
• WP: Race to Richmond: Creigh Deeds
“If we are going to make inroads and put up some Republican candidates who are going to succeed, I want them to be unapologetic and down-the-line conservatives, but they need to have ways to reach out to the disaffected Obama voter who is drowning in buyer’s remorse.” — Mark Davis

• FOX: Reid Moves on Public Option
•WT: Public Option Seen Buoyed by ‘Opt Out’
•WT: Glimmering New Dawn for the GOP

“The swine flu issue arises at a really interesting time alongside the massive health care debate. Is there an effort on the part of this White House to make it seem worse than it is?” — Mark Davis

• Reuters: Not “Too Late” for H1N1 Flu Vaccine: Health Secretary
• WP: The (Political) Dangers of H1N1
• LAT: Huge Crowds Turning Out for Swine Flu Vaccine
“In Dallas County, Texas you’ll get preferential treatment for the H1N1 vaccine if you don’t have health insurance. So your ability to pay for it will now count against you. Where might that motivation come from?” — Mark Davis

• HA: Video: Ingraham Rips Gibson on ABC’s This Week
• WP: Media Backtalk

“The notion of (imitating Obama) “We’re waiting for the elections,” simply doesn’t hold water. Dick Cheney is out saying these things. Good for him.”

• WT: Biden Seen as Following Cheney VP Model
• WT: Kerry Responds to Cheney Criticism

“What matters are the ideas in the head and the compass in the heart.” — Mark Davis

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