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RUSH: Here’s Maxine Waters, this was yesterday. She was on the fledgling Bill Press radio show, and Press said, ‘Do you agree with President Carter that all the criticism our great president is rooted in racism?’

WATERS: What I’ve been interested in is hearing from those people that everybody is referring to, the people on the mall, in the rally, what’s on their minds. I’m looking for the very people who carried the signs. I want those people talked to. I want them interviewed. I want journalists to be all over those rallies and those marches of the birthers and the teabaggers.

RUSH: I actually think this is a great idea. I think it’s absolutely a great idea. She went on to say if you put the microphones in front of them, if you do the interviews they’ll tell you what they believe, what they think. It’s a great idea, Maxine. Let conservatives tell the State-Controlled Media what they think, and why. Actually go out and cover the rally, don’t just rely on a C-SPAN camera. Actually go out there and cover the rallies and talk to these people, find out what it is they’re doing there and why. And then everybody will be shocked when they hear no explanation that contains racism. Actually got a little worried there when I actually agreed with what Maxine Waters is saying here, although for different reasons. Speaking of Maxine Waters, this is from Los Angeles Times. ”House ethics panel investigates Rep. Maxine Waters’ — The Los Angeles congresswoman faces scrutiny over her husband’s ties to a bank that received federal bailout funds. Word of the investigation came as the committee announced that it was delaying an inquiry into whether Rep. Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) or his representatives tried to secure the Senate seat vacated by President Obama by promising to raise campaign cash for disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich. The panel cited an ongoing federal investigation in Chicago.’

So Maxine sent some stimulus money to her husband in a bank and the House ethics panel is investigating. How racist is this? Targeting Jesse Jackson Jr, now targeting Maxine Waters, it’s just gotta be racist. I mean who in Washington doesn’t use stimulus money to send to their spouse? Dianne Feinstein did it. Didn’t look at her. She’s Jewish and she’s white. Of course they’re not going to investigate her, but they’re investigating the black babe, Maxine Waters? Has to be racism. You know, I met Maxine Waters once. Yes, I did. It was Super Bowl Sunday, 1995 I believe, it was in Atlanta and it was the game between the Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills. It was actually the night before. I think it was the commissioner’s party. I’m trolling around there and I’m saying hello to some people that I knew and I got this tap on the back and I turned around, it’s Maxine Waters and her husband Sidney who got the bank cash from stimulus money. And Maxine looks at me and says, ‘You know, I’m not a socialist, I believe in free markets.’ She started telling me about the businesses that she and her husband own and all this sort of stuff. (laughing) At the Super Bowl this happens to me? I don’t remember the exact conversation, but she made a big point out of saying she wasn’t socialist, she believed in profit and all that, and obviously her husband does, too. Profit, from your tax dollars. Maxine Waters.

Sidney used to play for either the Oakland Raiders or the Steelers. I’m not sure. His name is not Waters. I don’t remember Sidney’s last name, Maxine Waters’ husband. But, yeah, something in my mind says he did have a rogue auto dealership somewhere in Jamaica or in the Bahamas or some such thing that got attention for some reason, obviously it was racist, the attention focused on it. ‘Waters was in the spotlight earlier this year because Massachusetts-based OneUnited Bank received $12 million in bailout funds, three months after the congresswoman, a senior member of the congressional committee that oversees banking, helped arrange a meeting between officials of the bank and other minority-owned financial institutions and Treasury Department representatives.’

And don’t forget wasn’t there some other stimulus package some years ago, I forget what it was, maybe the Mexican bailout or something. What was it? Oh, that’s right! It was the floods in North Dakota, we had federal bailout money for the floods in North Dakota, and Maxine Waters went to the floor of the House and said, well, hell, if you’re going to bail them out, I want money for my constituents in South Central. What it turned out to be, grooming money, 300 bucks a person, right, that she was able to pass out, 300 bucks. You want to talk corruption — but — sorry, it’s not corruption. To point out any of this to Maxine Waters is racist. I’m sorry.


RUSH: Yeah, Maxine Waters’ husband, Sidney Williams, was a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He also played on the Cleveland Browns championship team in 1964. Also, after he left football he started as a business developer with ex-Cleveland Brown star Jim Brown’s Black Economic Union in LA. And now Sidney Williams owns a Mercedes dealership, and obviously has an interest in a bank that his wife sent stimulus money to. He was also ambassador to the Bahamas under Clinton.

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