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RUSH: Jimmy in The Woodlands, Texas, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi. How are you?

RUSH: Fine, sir.

CALLER: Mega dittos.

RUSH: Very good, very good, thank you.

CALLER: We have to make a correction on the statement you made yesterday that Budweiser was a US institution. It actually came from a little town in Czechoslovakia, and they were brewing it for 600 years and filed a patent in ’37 right before Hitler took over, and they were really preempted from selling outside of Hitler-controlled areas, and Budweiser stole the name, and they were guys that developed pale bottom fermenting Pilsner. And the German company that was partners with the Czech company, the German pronunciation was Budweiser so that’s actually where the name came from and that’s where the beer came from.

RUSH: Well, I know Adolphus Busch is who actually brought the whole shebang to the United States from Germany. I knew that.

CALLER: Yeah, but he is not —

RUSH: Everybody that grew up in St. Louis knows the history of Anheuser-Busch.

CALLER: But he was not part of the Budweiser company in Czechoslovakia.

RUSH: What are you saying, that we raped Czechoslovakia, Anheuser-Busch raped Czechoslovakia, what are we saying here?

CALLER: Well, that’s what happened.

RUSH: This is like saying that we brought syphilis and so forth and polluted the Indians and that this is the Indians’ country, not ours.

CALLER: Well, he took the product and the profits and everything out of there and Budweiser —

RUSH: So what, so what, that was common. So what, he was an entrepreneur. So he was able to steal the name, doesn’t matter, it is what it is now, and it is a distinctly American iconic business. You have to admit that.

CALLER: Yeah. But you gotta give credit to the poor little Czechs for developing it. I have another point that’s a little more serious. You know, you’ve talked about the Republican Party having to be taken down before they’re able to grow up and the conservative value and everything be brought to the surface again. And, you know, we’ve got an ankle biting, back-stabbing candidate that really just, you know, it’s pitiful, and every day he comes out with something else that —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait a minute. Your phone for me is a little bit muffled but I’m sure it’s normal for a lot of people. Did you say an ankle-biting, back-stabbing candidate?

CALLER: Yeah. That’s what we’ve got as a Republican candidate.

RUSH: Oh, you’re talking about McCain.

CALLER: Oh, yeah, absolutely.

RUSH: Oh, oh, oh.

CALLER: And you said that the Republican Party is going to have to get rid of the blue-bloods and get back conservatives, they’re going to have to have a big fall, and I don’t think any of us, in our right minds, could possibly support Obama, but, you know, every day just like his statements again today and his statements yesterday, every day the guy states something that is just ridiculous. We decide he’s got a case of ‘Halfheimer’s.’ He doesn’t have a full-blown case yet.

RUSH: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Who is ‘we,’ we’ve decided he has a case of Alzheimer’s, who’s he?

CALLER: Everybody we talk to, our conservative group, our friends and neighbors and everybody, he doesn’t have a full-blown case of Alzheimer’s yet, but he’s definitely got Halfheimer’s, he’s got a half-blown case. And that’s our candidate. And, you know, you said we’re going to have to take the Republican Party down a notch. Well, you know, maybe we need to throw chaos on our own party and support a third-party candidate, which I know you don’t like, but that absolutely should spit in their eye and put them in a position where they know there’s people who don’t like ’em.

RUSH: Halfheimer’s. (laughing)

CALLER: Listen to me. You know that. I mean the guy —

RUSH: No, I don’t know that. Don’t put those words in my mouth. I do not know that he has Halfheimer’s.

CALLER: The guy, he’s stabbed us in the back every chance he’s had.

RUSH: I don’t think the problem is Halfheimer’s.


RUSH: Look, we cannot elect Obama. We just can’t do it.

CALLER: Oh, I know it.

RUSH: We can’t do it, especially after the Supreme Court decision, we cannot do it, it just cannot happen. We don’t face a whole lot of good options here. What we need here, what we hope for is a really vibrant, young conservative vice presidential choice.

CALLER: Okay, and why do you think he’s going to do that?

RUSH: I have no clue what he’s going to do.

CALLER: I don’t, either. I don’t think any of us do. That’s the problem. We don’t trust the guy, period. He is not trustworthy.

RUSH: Well, the Democrats seem to be able to trust him, or have over the past. I understand, you’ve listened well, you’ve heard well, what you hear on this program and your obviously friends who share these same sentiments.

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: It’s very, very, very, very tough, ’cause if the Republicans do win with this kind of strategy, then the blue-bloods are just going to say, ‘See? See? We don’t need conservatism in this party to win. We need people to reach across the aisle and beat up the US economy and the oil companies, and that’s how we’re going to win.’

CALLER: Well, you know, there’s a Libertarian out there, he’s not perfect, but he’s absolutely got more going for him than any of these other two. And worst-case scenario —

RUSH: Who?

CALLER: The Libertarian candidate.

RUSH: Ron Paul?

CALLER: No, no, no, Ron Paul is running as a Republican —

RUSH: Oh, you mean Bob Barr.


RUSH: Bob Barr.

CALLER: And, you know, the worst-case scenario is that we split the vote and Obama wins, but it hadn’t been with our support and that should absolutely spit in the eyes of the blue-blood Republicans. If he does happen to win, you know, it gives us a stay of execution giving us time to get enough conservatives in there, another four years of hard work–

RUSH: Stay of executions. (laughing) Halfheimer’s.


RUSH: You know, Jimmy, I love the call. I appreciate your standing up for the Czechs when it comes to Anheuser-Busch.


RUSH: Everybody deserves credit for what they did, especially those who have been stolen from. I appreciate that. Look, I gotta run, though. I’m way over time in this segment.

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