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RUSH: Folks, yesterday, told you, Drive-Bys orgasmic, ecstatic over the resurgence of Senator McCain. Here is a montage of various Drive-By Media types, and last night and this morning.

COURIC: John McCain of Arizona has risen like a Phoenix!

COURIC: John McCain’s dramatic comeback in the national polls.

BLITZER: John McCain appears to be on track to become perhaps the next comeback kid.

MITCHELL: Will he be the comeback kid of 2008?

SCHNEIDER: The new comeback kid, John McCain.

SCHNEIDER: The McCain comeback!

KING: The McCain comeback!

O’DONNELL: That McCain comeback!

GIBSON: McCain has made an astonishing comeback.

MATTHEWS: (music over) If McCain can win enough voters in Iowa, he can win in New Hampshire and then perhaps go all the way.

RUSH: He hasn’t come back to anything yet. He’s up in the polls. The Drive-Bys are excited! They just can’t wait. Predicted this to you. McCain on the Wild Side.

(playing of McCain on the Wild Side)

Rush Limbaugh and the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, on the day of the Hawkeye Cauci.

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