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RUSH: ‘Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama found himself embroiled in a new foreign policy flap with rival Hillary Clinton on Thursday, this time over the use of nuclear weapons. Obama ruled out the use of nuclear weapons to go after al Qaeda or Taliban targets in Afghanistan or Pakistan,’ and then, after he did that, he said, (paraphrasing) ‘Well, no, I’m going to take that back. If we had to, we would.’ Then he said, ‘No, just scrub the whole thing.’ This is two days in a row that Barack Obama has made an idiot of himself, stepping right into Hillary’s testicle lockbox. He doesn’t even know it yet. So this flap is over the use of nuclear weapons, and once again the question of his experience and naïveté has been called into question.

Now, I made a point the other day that the Drive-By Media in dealing with this would handle it by saying, ‘Well, no, we shouldn’t look at it in terms of examining the substance of what Obama was saying. We need to look at what he was trying to do politically, and we need to do that for Mrs. Clinton. We need to look at what she’s trying to do politically.’ These are Democrats, and the Drive-Bys are not going to dump on them. They’re going to build ’em up and try to excuse it and run cover for them. And, lo and behold, we have a little montage here. This runs about eight seconds. It goes by real fast. We have Mara Liasson of Fox, Jake Tapper, ABC, CNN’s Tony Harris, and they are reacting to Obama’s foreign policy speech. And listen to how they describe it.

CROWLEY: In the muscular speech on the war against terrorism.

LIASSON: It was a muscular speech.

TAPPER: Today’s speech, which was obviously very muscular.

HARRIS: This kind of a muscular speech.

RUSH: How does this happen? Remember the old montage we had of 25 different Drive-By Media types saying that Cheney brought gravitas to the ticket when Bush chose him to be his vice president. Now the speech is muscular. It was stupid. It was dangerous; it was damaging, but that’s not how we look at this, no, no, no. We must look at what he was trying to do. What was he trying to accomplish? He was trying to be muscular. Note how well the Drive-Bys fall in line. It doesn’t matter. If you miss CNN, watch MSNBC. If you miss that, watch CBS. If you miss that, watch NBC. If you miss that, watch ABC. If you miss that, read the New York Times. If you miss that, read the LA Times. If you miss that, read the Washington Post. If you miss that, read USA Today. If you miss that, read the Minneapolis Star Tribune. If you miss that, read the San Francisco Chronicle. It doesn’t matter where you go. It’s identical. It is all the same. But, as I like to say, if you miss this show, you have missed it because you will not get anywhere else, what you get on this program.

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