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RUSH: This is all you need to hear, it’s a montage once again of the Drive-Bys all using the same word to describe Obama. This was during Monday and Tuesday. It’s a montage of Anderson Cooper of Anderson Cooper’s 180, Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC’s Scarborough, Rachel Sklar of the Huffing and Puffington Post, just a bunch of these people, Bob Beckel, Russert, Brian Williams, Steve McMahon, talking about Obama. This is before the results came in last night. This on Monday and Tuesday.

COOPER: He’s no longer a candidate, he’s a movement.

MITCHELL: The movement that seems to be Barack Obama.

SCARBOROUGH: A generational movement.

SKLAR: We know Obama is a movement.

CORKE: This is a movement out there.

DICKERSON: The center of his movement.

BECKEL: This is a serious movement in American politics.

RUSSERT: It’s more of a movement right now.

WILLIAMS: The start of a movement.

MATTHEWS: Turn a moment into a movement.

CROWLEY: A sense that this is a movement.

MCMAHON: Barack Obama is not just a candidate anymore, he’s a movement.

RUSH: It’s amazing how this happens! They all end up with the same word, be it ‘gravitas’ or now ‘movement.’ I thought the writers were on strike! Maybe the writers have gone back to work, the news writers, the newscasters, the Drive-By Media people. Maybe just one writer is back, that’s what happened, that’s gotta be it, there’s just one writer working. There is no movement. Obama got creamed — well, didn’t get creamed, but I mean it wasn’t an upset. Hillary was forecast to win this thing way back when, the only thing making it an upset is because the pre-election polls were wrong. There was no upset. McCain was not an upset. McCain was going to win New Hampshire all along, as was Hillary. Is my point about ignoring these people. But not only is Obama not a movement, neither of these two elections are about momentum, folks. These are not momentum elections. There’s one objective in these primaries, and that’s to amass the most delegates at the end of the primary process so that you win the nomination. You have very close contests, you have battles in state after state, where the goal is what? To win delegates to the convention. Now they’re still out there, they are compounding their horrible mistakes of the past two days. Now if Romney doesn’t win Michigan he’s done? They said Romney would be done if he lost New Hampshire. Maybe, maybe not. But how can anybody say so at the beginning of the process, which this is. Romney has most of the delegates.

You want to hear the delegate count right now? On the Democrat side, Obama 25, Clinton 24, Edwards 18. On the Republican side, Romney 24, Huckabee 18, McCain 10. Now, that’s what it is about. In some of these states, they’re not winner take all. And so, you know, Romney is being written off simply because he’s won Wyoming and come in second in these other two states. He’s gotta bunch of superdelegates, too. This is by no means over, and it’s by no means over on the Democrat side. But this is not about momentum on either party. If it was about momentum, Obama would have continued his roll. But there was no momentum coming out of Iowa, duh, and there is no movement, is there? You got two totally different states with two totally different procedures, and that’s all there’s been, and yet these irresponsible people in the media, these pundits on both sides, folks, I mean our guys, the other side, continuing to compound their errors today. ‘Yeah, yeah, if Romney doesn’t do well in Michigan, he’s done.’ Wait a minute, you guys got through telling us that about New Hampshire. In one sense, it’s frustrating. On the other hand, I urge them to keep it up because it makes it easier and easier for me to be unique and right, by simply practicing a little restraint.

Let’s see. Oh, you may have read about this, you may have even heard about this. On Monday, on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, Brian Williams of NBC and NBC’s Lee Cowan have this exchange. This only aired on the Internet. Brian Williams says, ‘What have you noticed since Iowa about Obama, about the campaign, and about the Clintons?’

COWAN: From a reporter’s point of view, it’s almost hard to remain objective because the — it’s infectious. And I think that it sort of goes against your core to say that as a reporter, but the crowds have gotten so much bigger.

RUSH: The crowds have gotten bigger. Lee Cowan admits he’s in love with Obama, that they all feel like that when covering Democrats, but he’s now dumb enough to admit it. They marveled this way over Bill Clinton. They marveled this way for a while over Hillary Clinton. And then Joe Klein — this is MSNBC Live yesterday on Scarborough’s show. He spoke with Joe Klein of TIME Magazine about Obama. Scarborough said, ‘You know, you wrote a fascinating blog. Tell the world about it so they can go to your blog.’

KLEIN: In his spare time during the last week, Barack Obama has been trying to negotiate a peace deal in Kenya.

SCARBOROUGH: Are you serious?

KLEIN: It is unbelievable. He’s been in touch with both sides in the confrontation. He’s been in touch with Bishop Desmond Tutu who has gone to Nairobi to try to broker a deal and he’s been doing this in between rallies. It’s kind of amazing, but also it’s an insight into the kind of president he’s going to be.

RUSH: This is before the vote came in. This is Joe Klein, ‘This is the kind of president he’s going to be. He’s out there in the midst of the New Hampshire primary and he’s trying to negotiate a peace deal in Kenya.’ He should have spent more time focusing on a peace deal in New Hampshire involving him! Barack, you better hope the media sours on you. In fact, what is going to happen? This is an interesting thing to me. The Drive-Bys have been humiliated now. They’ve been humiliated by this outcome. Now, they may not know it, they may not admit it, but I’m telling you, this is the elephant in the room. They’re talking about it among themselves, they may not be talking about it on the radio and TV so much, but they are embarrassed, they had it 5 to 10 to 12 points for Obama, and look what happened. None of them were right, folks, zilch, zero, nada.

Now, somebody’s going to pay for this, and it won’t be them. The big loser last night was the Drive-By Media, but they have yet to concede, and they won’t concede. Who is going to pay for this? Will there now be a backlash against Obama? Will the Drive-Bys think in order to get their credibility back they gotta start getting tough on this guy and stop all this sophistry of peace deals in Kenya and, ‘I can’t help it, I get caught up in the emotion; it’s so wonderful; I’m so happy; JFK all over and RFK, too.’ Or are they going to get mad at Hillary? Because Hillary made ’em look bad. Who knows? But they don’t sit around and practice objectivity. Somebody’s going to pay for this, and it ain’t going to be me this time.

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