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RUSH: Here’s Carly in Savannah, Georgia. Hi, Carly. It’s nice to have you with us on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi. (giggles) I was just calling to kind of give you a perspective from a younger listener.

RUSH: I love this. You are 22?


RUSH: Hey, Carly, are you on a cell phone?


RUSH: Are you anywhere near a land line where Mr. Snerdley could call you back on? I’m having trouble hearing cell phones today because they cut out or there’s a little echo or whatever. Don’t give the number if you are. Are you anywhere near a land line where he could call you back?

CALLER: No, I’m actually driving. I was listening to your show driving back and forth from Savannah so I’m in the car.

RUSH: Okay. All right. I’ll deal with it, then.


RUSH: So you’re 22 years old; you’re driving back and forth to Savannah?

CALLER: Right. I drive from Savannah to Atlanta, Georgia, pretty often. My husband is in the military.

RUSH: Uh-huh.

CALLER: There in Savannah.

RUSH: Uh-huh.

CALLER: I listen to your show when I’m going back and forth, and I just wish more people who are around my age would call in and tell you what they think. Because a lot of people think that the younger people are going for Obama and it’s like the popular thing to do, and I just want you to know that that’s not the case.

RUSH: Carly, I have a story here from the Drive-By Media.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm?

RUSH: It’s actually a poll story that says Obama is much cooler to the young people in the country than McCain is. Obama is cool, and McCain is just a wrinkly white guy.

CALLER: Right. Um, I don’t know anyone who thinks that way. The thing is, I believe Obama is a huge fad. I think that it’s cool right now to see someone who’s different and trying to run for president, but I don’t think that he’s being taken very seriously.

RUSH: I think you’re exactly right. Oh, there are a lot of people taking him seriously, but I think the bloom is coming off the rose. He is overexposed.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I don’t know if you heard earlier today: 49% of the American people are tired of hearing about Obama.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: So there’s a backlash against the slavish, sycophantish coverage that the Drive-By Media is giving Obama, and there’s no substance to the guy.

CALLER: Well, that’s the thing is —

RUSH: He’s a —


RUSH: — slick conman, Carly.

CALLER: Well, when he’s being interviewed or if he’s asked questions, they’ll ask him a question that should have a definite answer, and he talks and talks and talks for so long that by the time he’s done talking, you forgot what the question was. (laughs)

RUSH: Well, he’s achieved his objective then, because he’s not going to be pinned down. He doesn’t want to tell you what he really thinks about these things. He’s gotta hide that. Well, this is good: 22 years old, and says Obama is a fad. I think that might be pretty accurate to — I don’t know a majority of people, but to — some people clearly. Well, you can’t deny the poll data, Snerdley, 49% of people are tired of hearing about him. I predicted that backlash. In fact, let’s make ’em more tired of hearing about it. Let’s go to the audio sound bites, ladies and gentlemen. This is great, too. This is last night on Las Vegas Now Eyewitness News. The anchor there, Jon Ralston interviewed The Messiah, the Most Merciful Lord Barack Obama, and Ralston challenged The Messiah — and this is not done. First question from Jon Ralston: ‘You were against drilling and tapping the petroleum reserve, but you’ve reversed on that. Now you’re for both. You want to compromise on energy. So you don’t really favor drilling, but for political reasons you’re going to change your position. This is change that we can believe in, Senator?’

OBAMA: What I said is that we can’t drill our way out of the problem, and that’s what I’ve said from the start. Uh, what I’ve also said is that we’ve got to focus on alternative energy. What I’ve also said, uh, is that there’s room for domestic production in the overall energy mix. I’m not going to be dogmatic about it. That’s not being political. That’s common sense, Jon, to give relief to the American people, but more importantly to set ourselves on a path of energy efficiency over the long term.

RUSH: Energy efficiency? He meant energy independence. He didn’t say that. He said energy efficiency. So Ralston says, ‘Well, there’s a story out today about how you supported the Dick Cheney bill, the energy bill 2005.’ Obama did. He voted for it, and McCain opposed it. ‘That bill gave subsidies to the oil and gas companies. McCain opposed it, saying that those are tax breaks for the oil companies, but Barack Obama favored it.’

OBAMA: Hold on a second. Uh, eh, er, you know, Jon, I, uh, er — I — I thought I was, de — uh — taking to you as opposed to debating John McCain but I’m happy to let you, uh, serve as his proxy. Uh, the fact of the matter —

RUSH: Oooooooo! Stop the tape. And recue the tape. Did you hear that, folks? The Messiah is sending a message to the anchor of Las Vegas Now Eyeball News, Jon Ralston: ‘Don’t you come at me that way, you lowly TV guy. You don’t challenge me! I didn’t come on here to debate anybody. I came on here to be fawned over. I came over here and I went on your show to be treated like I am The Messiah, not to be challenged!’ That’s what that that message meant. All Ralston did was point out: Hey, you voted for a bill that gave tax breaks to the oil companies.

OBAMA: Hold on a second. Uh, eh, er, you know, Jon, I, uh, er — I — I thought I was, de — uh — taking to you as opposed to debating John McCain but I’m happy to let you, uh, serve as his proxy. Uh, the, eh, uhh, we — The fact of the matter is that I supported that energy bill, uh, saying at the time that those tax breaks were wrong, but also recognizing that this was the largest investment in alternative energy in history and that it was important for us for the solar industry, uh, to get off the ground in places like Nevada, for wind to get kicked off the ground, that that was something that we had to do.

RUSH: Ooooookay. I’m pausing here because I’ve got some stuff in the stack here about solar energy, how long we’ve been at it. In fact, there’s a story, it’s a story from CNET.com, Wire.com, about the alternative energy bubble, that so much of this is smoke and mirrors, that there’s no ‘there’ there, and all these IPOs and all these various solar and wind energy companies are going to blow up down the road like you had the tech bubble in 2000, whatever it was, 2002. We can sit here and talk about, ‘Well, the largest investment in alternative energy in history.’ We have been investing in alternative energies for decades, and we aren’t anywhere. But he was caught here on the hypocrisy. And Ralston, the reporter from Las Vegas Now Eyeball News was not intimidated. They had this exchange.

RALSTON: At the risk of being called John McCain’s proxy yet again (laughing), I’ll ask you — you know this, Senator — you say tit-for-tat. You’ve talked in your whole campaign about rising above the politics as usual.

OBAMA: Right.

RALSTON: You yourself, though, also know there’s a fine line between flip-flopping and flexibility on policy.

OBAMA: Right.

RALSTON: Maybe if there’s a crisis in the future with nuclear waste storage, maybe you’ll just say to Nevadans, ‘Well, I was against Yucca Mountain, but guess what? Now I’m for it.’

OBAMA: No, well, the — the — eh, eh, eh, uh, uh… You know, I — I — Jon, don’t put words in my mouth or anticipate what I’m going to do. I’ve been opposed to Yucca Mountain from the start. So if the suggestion is John McCain, who is in favor of Yucca right now, should get a pass on that —

RALSTON: I didn’t say that!

OBAMA: — whereas — whereas — where — whereas I (arrogant laugh) who am adamantly opposed to it, somehow might be second-guessed, I think that doesn’t make sense.

RUSH: So The Messiah was challenged by Las Vegas anchor Jon Ralston at Las Vegas Now Eyeball News. I haven’t heard anything to indicate that he’s lost his job. If Jon Ralston of Las Vegas Now Eyeball News loses his job, it’s not going to happen real quick because it can’t be made to look like it had anything to do with this. He’ll be found in a casino indebted to a slot machine to the tune of half million dollars or some such thing, and the station will say, ‘Gee, you violated a morals clause. We had no clue. This is not the Jon Ralston that we knew.’

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