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RUSH: The US State Department has lifted warnings to African Americans about traveling to Spain. Apparently Spain’s full of racists. I’m not making this up. African Americans have been warned about going to Spain because it’s filled with racists, and yet Spain is the model for our green jobs future. Nevertheless, the US State Department has lifted the warning on the day Michelle (My Belle) arrives in Spain. This is from the UK Mail Online, the Daily Mail: ‘The Obama administration faced an embarrassing diplomatic blunder today after it was forced to pull a warning about racism in Spain — just as the First Lady arrived in the country for a summer holiday. Staff at the U.S. State Department removed the contentious advice to travellers, which included the phrase ‘racist prejudices could lead to the arrest of Afro-Americans who travel to Spain.’ Afro-Americans.

‘The First Lady landed in the Costa del Sol this morning for a break with her youngest daughter Sasha,’ while the other daughter is in summer camp. She is on a four-day stay over there at a five-star hotel. Sixty rooms have been booked now, not 30. Sixty rooms. Meanwhile, where is birthday boy? Birthday boy’s in Chicago hanging out with his real friends, his union buddies. Here’s the story, this is from the Associated Press: ‘President Barack Obama is heading home to Chicago to celebrate his 49th birthday on Wednesday. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday that Obama’s birthday plans include having dinner with friends there,’ i.e., the union people, ‘and spending the night in his own house in the city’s Hyde Park neighborhood. Obama hasn’t shied away from talking about his birthday, noting that his hair is getting more gray and his metabolism is slowing down as another year passes. Gibbs says that while there’s no doubt that the presidency comes with enormous physical and mental strain, Obama ‘greatly enjoys’ the job. Obama is traveling to Chicago Wednesday and Thursday to tour an auto plant and attend Democratic fundraisers, returning Thursday night to Washington.’

Now, get this. ‘He won’t, however, be with his family, spending his birthday instead as a bachelor. First lady Michelle Obama is taking their youngest daughter, Sasha, to Spain this week and their other daughter, Malia, is away at camp. Gibbs demurred when asked if it was a source of Obama family tension that the president was celebrating his birthday without them. ‘They’ll all be back together soon,’ the press secretary said diplomatically.’ The fact that the AP even referenced this. I mean, everybody’s thinking this, but to have this in the media? She splits on his birthday. He goes back to Chicago on his birthday. He’s going to spend the night as a bachelor alone in his house. Look, I’m a bit of a traditionalist on birthdays but let me just ask you a question: How many of you on your birthday, if your wife decided to take one of the kids and flee the country on your birthday, what will you think? Now, I know some of you would celebrate: ‘Fine! You’re leaving the country? That’s awesome.’ But others might say it is a bit strange. Anyway, I guess we now know why Michelle hasn’t gone to Arizona, by the way. The State Department needs to issue warnings about racism in Arizona if they pulled the warnings about racism in Spain.


RUSH: Quickly, Pamela in Baltimore. We’re going to grab a phone call. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello once again, Rush.


CALLER: Hi. I have a question for you. What is this that you’re putting out because it’s Barack Obama’s birthday — who is not a ‘birthday boy.’ He’s a man. But anyway… ‘Cause I’ve heard you, you know, uh, infrence (sic) that, man-child, him being a boy and a man, between a boy and all that. But the fact that him and Michelle aren’t together on his birthday? So what. If he’s spending the night alone, he’s not a ‘bachelor.’ He’s a married man.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Why are you trying to put that out there? They have a strong marriage.

RUSH: Because the AP says he’s spending the night alone and he’s a ‘bachelor.’ I didn’t know a married man could be a bachelor, and the AP —


RUSH: The AP reports that they asked Gibbs: Is there trouble in paradise here? I mean, they asked the White House press secretary. I didn’t create any of this. I’m just reporting to you what AP said.

CALLER: I didn’t say you created it.

RUSH: Well, I’m not trying to cause a rift. I doubt that I could cause a rift in a happy marriage.

CALLER: I doubt that you could. That’s true.

RUSH: Well, I’m not trying to.

CALLER: I doubt that you could, too. But just a second: Why do you always reference him as a boy? Why do you do that?

RUSH: I don’t.

CALLER: He’s 49!

RUSH: I do call him a ‘man-child’ and that’s based on the fact that he’s clueless.

CALLER: Man-child, boy, same thing.

RUSH: He’s clueless. He’s got no experience doing anything. He’s the least qualified guy in any room he walks into. He’s the least experienced guy in any room he walks into. He’s a man-child!

CALLER: So in your opinion, Sarah Palin has more experience than him, right?

RUSH: Sarah Palin more what than him?

CALLER: More experience.

RUSH: Damn straight.

CALLER: Wrong. That shoots your credibility right there.

RUSH: She’s been a governor.

CALLER: She is an idiot and you know it.

RUSH: I doubt that Obama could feed himself if there wasn’t arugula at the grocery store. Sarah Palin can.

CALLER: Rush, you are obsessed with Obama.

RUSH: No, I’m not. I’m obsessed with saving the country. I’m obsessed with the destruction that Obama’s bringing to the country. I’m obsessed with watching this country being destroyed from within. I am obsessed about that, yes.


RUSH: You know, I probably think about Obama less than Obama thinks about me. Maybe that’s because I have a full-time job.

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