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“Which candidate is more capable of beating Republicans, Obama or Hillary? Neither. That’s the dirty little secret.”

“I just love this Mannheim Steamroller music. I love the holiday season. I like cold-weather football games, a lot of spitting snow and some sleet, and overcast, gray days… It’s so beautiful to look at when it’s 80 degrees outside where you live.”

“While everybody’s going on and on about how breathtaking and how unique this Oprah and Obama rally was, know full well that there have been larger ones attended by me and Bill Bennett.”

“I have no fear of women, but in Hillary’s case I have a huge fear of her policies and her utter, total demand to control American life as much as possible.”

“Toni Morrison — what is she, a playwright or something? Oh, an author. And a distant relative of yours, Mr. Snerdley? Toni Morrison? Congratulations, because you have separated nicely from her in a number of ways.”

“Nobody asks me my advice on personal things — nobody would dare.”

“Bill Moyers and all these people are upset that I refer to Mrs. Clinton’s ‘testicle lockbox.’ I feel very honored, by the way, to have forced that term on PBS.”

“Mrs. Clinton will remind men of their first two ex-wives, who they married for all the wrong reasons and then suffered through a couple of decades of psychological abuse and so forth for.”

“‘The New York Philharmonic plans to visit North Korea in February, the first US cultural visit to the reclusive country.’ I should also add that moves are afoot for the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus to tour Iran. Did I get you, Dawn? Did you think it was true? Ha!”

“What a way to start the week! I mean, what a heck of a show! Well, they’re all heck-of-a-shows.”


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