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“Once we get to the states where only Republicans can vote for other Republicans, it will be Thompson, Romney, and Giuliani in the contest.”

“The government of California wants to take over your thermostat, to be able to regulate the temperature in your house based on what they think it ought to be. You say, ‘Oh, Rush, that’s never going to happen.’ Well, who would’ve thought that a bunch of dingleberries would ban a lightbulb?”

“Have you noticed it’s Obama versus the Clintons? Two against one? I wonder how well Mrs. Clinton would hold up if the shoe was on the other foot… I think she’d cry and complain about the unfairness.”

“Mrs. Clinton is saying: ‘Obama, you can’t compare yourself to Dr. King, and you won’t be able to until you’ve marched, organized, and been gassed and then been beaten. And we, the Clintons, might take you up on it.'”

“All these things that the Democrats have said over the years about quotas and affirmative action and discrimination and all that… if they really meant it, Hillary Clinton would stand aside and say, ‘Senator Obama, it is your turn.'”

“I have a new name, by the way, for these independents and moderates: I call them ‘Jell-Os’. You know who you are: you are shaky, you are transparent, and you can be filled up with marshmallows and processed.”

“Both McCain and Huckabee are actively seeking support from non-Republicans. If I didn’t know better, I’d say some of these candidates have some sort of grudge against the Republican Party and are trying to harm it.”

“What happens if either of these two guys — McCain or Huckabee — happen to win, attracting the votes of independents, moderates, Jell-Os, and the Democrats? Does that not equal the demise of the Republican Party?”

“I can say with relative confidence that Martin Luther King would be outraged to see what has become of the black family today. He would be outraged to see what has become of the Democrat Party and the way it is pandering and treating black voters.”

“I’ll tell you, all four football games this week were just so damn much fun to watch. What a great birthday present for me on Saturday and Sunday!”


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