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“Did you see this? Hugo Chavez just shut down 34 radio stations in Venezuela. Obama is looking at that, thinking: ‘Damn. Someday. Someday.'”

“I have yet to hear a medical person on television tell me about the diet that works. I just hear them say, ‘Reduce your calories and exercise.’ Well, I’m doing half of that! And it’s not as like I’m sitting around vegging!”

“I’m going to keep the weight off; I’m not through losing pounds. And that’s going to bug ’em even more! When you get right down to it, they’re just mad that I look good. That’s why they hate Sarah Palin, and now they can add my good looks and my studly appearance to all the other reasons that they hate me.”

“There are soon only going to be two insurance companies run by the government: All Statist and Statist Farm. ‘Like a Big Brother, Statist Farm will be there.’ Statist Farm is also where you will be put out to pasture once you’re 70 years old and in bad health.”

“When Democrats see a majority of public opinion opposed to them, they start thinking, ‘How can we ram it down their throats anyway?'”

“Kathleen Sebelius is part of the cabal that thinks people look at government as though it’s parliamentarian royalty, so she’s really shocked that these serfs at these town halls actuallyhave the audacity to object to anything she and Senator Specter might say.”

“Folks, I appreciate every one of you, but I do have to ask you a couple questions: Who the hell do you think you are? What makes you think you deserve the same health care as those in Congress? Don’t you know your place?”

“So you’re probably asking yourself: ‘Who do I believe here? Do I believe Gibbs? Do I believe Geithner? Do I believe Summers? Do I believe Obama? Who do I believe?’ You believe me.”

“What are you laughing at? Oh, I don’t want to know, eh? All right. I don’t want to know. See, most people you say, ‘Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!’, but I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of begging you to tell me what I don’t want to know.”

“The two states where the Obama administration is going to put detainees (terrorists) currently at Club Gitmo is Michigan and/or Kansas. Jennifer Granholm, I’m sure, could use the business in Michigan.”

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“If I were Joe Wilson, I would say, ‘I’ll apologize as soon as Pelosi apologizes to the CIA.'”

“We are witnessing a conservative ascendancy here, and it is happening because the people of this country are fed up and see clearly what their future is if they don’t try to stop it.”

“The left would have us believe that there are no legitimate concerns with Obamacare, that it’s just racists who want to stop the first black president. Now, I don’t know who pressed the launch button on the race card, but you can see who clearly got the message: Maureen Dowd.”

“I’m going to tell you right now: There’s no way a community organizer is a capitalist. It’s impossible.”

“I’ve been here for 21 years, and for 21 years they have been trying to besmirch me and impugn my character by saying I’m a racist. Well, it doesn’t work because A, I’m not one; and B, you who listen regularly know it. The media didn’t make me, so they can’t break me.”

“As I have long cautioned everybody: If you seek validation for your actions based on the media being accurate in their reporting of your actions, you’re going to be forever disappointed. The media is as much the enemy as is the Obama administration.”

“This is the most important thing to mention about Saturday: there was no leader who organized this. People went of their own volition, because of their own passion. You did this. It’s in your heart.”

“Snerdley, I did congratulate the Cowboys. I mean, now Romo doesn’t have to worry about catering to somebody’s ego ten to 15 passes a game, and so he spreadthe ballaround yesterday, and look at the results!”

“Obama’s on television every day, and every day it seems he starts whatever remarks he’s going to make at the same time I start this program. This guy’s trying to ace me out, but, you know, I’m going to ‘hit back twice as hard’.”

“I love this headline. Forget the story — I just love the headline: ‘Barney Frank Considers Cramdown Law’.”

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“2010 might be a nightmare for PETA. Two animals may become extinct, RINOs and Blue Dog Democrats.”

“AP story: ‘From his home (not true, actually) and on a friendly network, Rush Limbaugh lobbed potshots across the airwaves Sunday at President Obama.’ I think what I ‘lobbed’ was informed criticism, not potshots.”

“Sarah Palin can’t keep a crowd under 10,000 if she shows up anywhere, and Biden can’t get any more than 200 people in Watertown, New York. Who’s laughing at who?”

“What the media’s really, really having a problem with is how I called Obama a ‘man-child’. Oh, they are just freaking out over that! Do you know what a man-child is? Here’s what it says in the Urban Dictionary: ‘A man-child is a fully grown male that acts like a baby.'”

“Obama promises unemployment is going to continue to rise, but he’s open to ideas. Oh? I thought you had all the answers, Obama? Fact is, you don’t listen to anybody else’s ideas. Your too-bloated of an ego will not allow anybody’s ideas inside your skull.”

“David Axelrod is getting upset over my claim that Obama’s going to Dover was a photo-op. Well, let me ask you a question, Mr. Axelrod. Why were those cameramen there?”

“When we listen to Democrats, they tell us who they want our party to be, and they want it to be a bunch of Scozzafavas. They want it to be a bunch of squishy moderates because they know that moderates always end up voting with liberals.”

“Nancy Pelosi reminds me of the late Liberace — nothing against the late Liberace. I mean, she just looks and sounds like him, although Liberace did not want to destroy capitalism and liberty.”

“Joe Biden, you seem to think that liberty and private property and capitalism are extremist views. Having been in public office since you were in your mid-twenties, you’ve never had to earn an honest living, you’ve never participated in the market system, and you don’t understand what it is that makes this nation work.”

“Mr. Snerdley asked a question: ‘How come so many youths listen to me?’ Because I’m cool. Because I’m hip. Because it’s a good show. And because they love learning.”

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“I have the ultimate faith that we’re going to win. The country means too much to people to let it go. I don’t think America’s destiny is defeat.”

“Folks, in all that’s going on out there, I still cannot get past this decision to bring these terrorists up to New York for this trial. The idea that these guys are going to be acquitted is very real — even without a jury pool that includes Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.”

“You know, if I’m one of these terrorists defending myself, the first thing I do is make a motion to dismiss this thing. I mean, I’m in a US criminal courtroom. I haven’t been Mirandized, and the president of the United States has admitted to torturing me.”

“Now, if we are to believe that Obama did not discuss this trial decision with Eric Holder, then why in hell is he so involved in the Afghanistan decision? Why not just leave that to the generals and have them inform him of their decision?”

“How stupid does the Obama administration think we are? You know what? It’s not that they think we’re stupid; it’s that they know we don’t have any power to stop them right now — that’s what they know.”

“I think David Brooks is jealous of the attention that Sarah Palin and me get, because he doesn’t move the opinion dial one way in any direction. He’s a static zero — which,I guess, iswhat he wants to, you know, be considered a good moderate.”

“For you women, what do you think about all of these men trying to destroy Sarah Palin? Now, I know that some women are jealous of her, too. I mean, human nature is human nature.”

“The reason that people are excited about Sarah Palin is not so much Sarah Palin; they don’t know her that well, although what they have learned about her they like. The people that are getting excited about her are the people the Republican Party has abandoned.”

“This is a great country at risk in a dangerous world, and the threats to this nation have always been external. But today, the threat is internal. The Democrat Party has been so radicalized that it is out to remake this country.”

“This bow business… Obama envies these monarchs. Obama wants to be bowed to someday. That’s my interpretation.”

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“The greatest casualty with liberalism and political correctness is truth — and that, as we’re witnessing, leads to an erosion of freedom.”

“I first heard about this movement in 1979; global cooling was going to kill us. Then, by 1984, it had become global warming. Basically what they were saying is that advanced lifestyles, progress, is killing the planet, and that premise is something that I have rejected from the get-go.”

“When I was in college I said, ‘What am I doing here? There’s a radio station mere miles from here where I could be pursuing my life, and I’m stuck here in a ballroom dance class, driven here by my mother. To hell with this!'”

“Dumb has nothing to do with IQ. Some of the smartest, highest-IQ people around us are the most idiotic, stupid, uninformed people you could ever run into because their arrogance and conceit tells them they don’t need to learn anything because they already know it.”

“Here’s the Media Tweak of the Day: If anyone hacked into Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi’s computer, we would find the same kind of fraud and deceitas we have found in the global warming scam.”

“I think that may be my problem with liberals: I just have too much common sense. Common sense, belief in God, belief in right and wrong… I’m a threat. Ditto Sarah Palin.”

“I had a very fortunate thing happen to me: I was born a Limbaugh. I learned starting at nine what liberals are, who Democrats are, and so one of the greatest things I’m thankful for is being born a Limbaugh.”

“If you missed the first hour of this program, let me sum up for you: Liberalism is a lie. All of liberalism is a lie. The media are liberals, and therefore they promulgate lies.”

“I know who Obama is. I know who educated him. I know who raised him. I know who his mentors were. I know who his friends are. And I only had to listen to him apologize for his own country once to have all of those associations and their importance to him confirmed.”

“If somebody needs a political answer, you need to be the go-to guy, and let me tell you how you become the go-to guy: Heritage Foundation, me, and Mark Levin’s books.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“I really don’t think any of the talking heads — any of the State-Controlled Media or Democrat Party — will truly grasp the profundity of a Scott Brown victory if it happens. And the reason I think that is they’re so focused on health care.”

“The energy to save health care is not there. The energy to save the Obama agenda is not there. The magic has been lost. All of that’s gone. People aren’t fainting anymore at Obama rallies.”
“As many of you know, I really am uncomfortable talking about myself. But I am forced into it by a constant drumbeat of erroneous reporting that never ends by the State-Controlled Media of what I say.”
“I don’t know of a president ever who has asked people to donate to a relief effort through a White House website. It’s never happened before.”
“By definition, everything the president of the United States does is political.”
“How about Patrick Kennedy calling her ‘Marcia’ Coakley? He doesn’t even know her name!”
“Scott Brown is refusing to accept the traditional Massachusetts Republican Party role as token opposition to the machine. He is full-fledged opposition to the machine. He is positioning this as him and us against the machine, and that is resonating.”
“Supporting a Republican in Massachusetts may no longer be something to keep quiet about. The situation has reversed.”
“The people all over this country are totally opposed to the Obama agenda. They are totally opposed to the Pelosi Politburo way of running Congress. This is a country steeped in the traditions of liberty and freedom and self-reliance. They do not want big government.”
“I am grounded in reality.I am Mr. Literal.”

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“The media treats all these leftist Democrats as gods. Sometimes I think I’m in ancient Rome or Greece, where everybody was a god.”

“How about that? Forty-eight percent of voters say the average tea party member is closer to their views than President Obama is. We are nowhere near surrendering this country, Snerdley, in any way, shape, manner, or form.”

“We’re beating up on our supposed allies. We are really declaring war against our allies. But Hillary, this is not Arkansas. Karzai is not a state trooper.”

“Nobody really got upset about calling the Bush administration a regime because it had no basis in fact. But the reason these guys are upset I called the Obama administration a regime is because it’s true.”

“I’ve had a couple of e-mails asking me: ‘Are you really serious about this regime business or are you just trying to be funny and irritate the left?’ I don’t mind irritating them, as you well know, but I’m serious about it.”

“Independents and moderates would be upset if we try to repeal Obamacare? If there’s anybody on our side who believes that, they seriously need a head-cracking. Who the hell do they think is deserting President Obama in droves because of health care?”

“President Obama doesn’t even govern; he looks at himself as a ruler. If you really understand that about Obama, then everything else falls into place. He is a ruler, and regimes rule.”

“Churchill said World War II was Britain’s finest hour, and look how little time it took them to totally crash and become the socialist democracy they are now.”

“All the KKK — the vast majority of them — were southern Democrats. It’s amazing how history has done a complete 180 on all of this. I mean, the KKK was founded to be the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party.”

“Wait a minute — people that live in Palm Beach go to Costco?”

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“Have you noticed how popular Rove has become with those who wanted to frog march him out of the White House and put him in jail?”

“Gods usually mention themselves when talking about themselves, but Obama didn’t. This is not insignificant, as I say.”

“The single greatest repository of greed in the world is Washington, DC. All money is theirs and their little power games are such that they believe you end up with whatever they deem is fair for you to have.”

“The war on poverty is not paid for. Social Security is not paid for. Medicaid is not paid for. The Department of Education is not paid for. The EPA is not paid for. So why do you single out the Pentagon, Mr. President?”

“Everything you get’s gratis, Mr. President. Your wife’s vacations, your trips on Air Force One, the perks and the parties… You’re the only one not paying for anything. The rest of us are in hock for the rest of our lives because of people like you!”

“An avalanche of excrement descended on me when I pointed out that Powell endorsed Obama because of race, so you have been warned, Angela.”

“I would rather go try to persuade these ‘moderates’ by being pedal-to-the-metal conservative because conservatism is nothing more than constitutionalism, nothing more than the principles that built the country.”

“The elitists have worked hard to get into this club, and they’re not just going to welcome you into it because you happen to have won an election. In fact, they’re going to hate your guts because you have won an election.”

“General Powell said there’s ‘nothing wrong’ with making sure people come across our borders in a ‘legal, safe manner’. I’m glad to know that. I’m glad there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, I had my doubts. Whew!”

“An opinion unfettered by bias is linguini.”

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“Ladies and gentlemen, annoy the corrupt bastards on the left and in the media tomorrow. Our offensive starts at dawn.”

“The Democrats passed health care, they did the stimulus, they did TARP, they did TARP two, they have gotten even with Wall Street, and they took over the car companies — and yet they don’t point to any of it with a smile on their face and say, ‘Give us two more years to do even more.'”

“Imagine this: Obama says Boehner is a little cocky, he doesn’t know if he can work with him? Boehner is a little cocky? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!”

“Believe me, people saw George W. Bush throw out the first pitch of game 4 of the World Series, and no, he wasn’t wearing mom jeans, he didn’t throw like a girl, and he didn’t call where he was Cominsky Park.”

“You haven’t seen Halloween until you’ve been to New Orleans. I mean, you can’t find anybody not in costume.”

“I will admit that in my naive past I believed that people in politics are honorable, but I’ve had a lot of rude awakenings, a lot of late-in-my-life realizations, and I’m not embarrassed to admit it, either.”

“Tomorrow is not the beginning of the end, nor is it the end of the beginning. It’s simply the beginning of the beginning of the end of the beginning — however that goes.”

“I remember my first ever military flyover at a Super Bowl game. Those jets flew over, and it was just a roar unlike anything… I started pounding the guy next to me, and I said, ‘Did you see that? How can anybody vote Democrat after seeing that?'”

“What’s wrong with being mad? You ought to be fit to be tied. Remember, these people losing the election tomorrow told their clients (the Democrats) to say that you hate African-Americans, Latinos, and gay people. Why shouldn’t you be mad? Your character is impugned daily in the media.”

“If the Tea Party can’t change Washington, then why is everybody so damned afraid of them today?”

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