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“The Clintons are making the case that Obama is an idiot, unqualified. The black guy can’t get it done.”

“That picture of Hillary on the Drudge Report… you know, I have a theory about that. I don’t know if I should mention this; people are going to think that I’m being mean when I’m not. Hmm, this is so risky to do. But, hey: I do risky.”

“Yes, we’re here in New York. It’s holiday time, so I have to come up here and show the New York staff that I still remember them and, in some cases, still care about them.”

“Silent Night… that song, even though I’ve lost my hearing and cannot hear all of the frequency ranges in it — my memory supplies the melody — it still makes me tear up as though I were on Meet the Press.”

“I learned that you cannot talk cultists out of their cult.”

“Every single advertiser with us here at the EIB Network experiences growth that even they are surprised by, even though we tell them it’s going to happen.”

“Am I correct in recalling that the Clintons constantly tell us that they are so rich and yet not taxed enough? Did you know that they hold several offshore accounts to avoid taxes? ‘No, Rush, say it ain’t so!’ I wish I could, folks, I wish I could.”

“When David Gregory was telling Mrs. Clinton she’s not answering the question, the look on her face was: ‘I’m going to get you for this.'”

“If you really want the world to love us, stop foreign aid. Just cut them off. You’ll see every country on this planet look at us with love, affection, open arms — they’ll come begging on bended knee!”

“When all else fails, you cry. We who have been married know that.”


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