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“Our side says the GOP can’t win with conservatism, so they’re moving left. In the meantime, what’s Obama doing? He’s moving in our direction. He’s moving right!”

“Let’s not use the word ‘flip-flop’ with Obama; I don’t think that’s going to persuade anybody. It only worked with Kerry because Kerry was such an idiot.”

“Jesse Helms, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson… these three Americans had something more in common than just the date they left us: they believed in things. They said what they believed, and then they stood for what they believed — none of this moving-to-the-center stuff.”

“You know what I did on the Fourth? I watched all seven installments of that John Adams series that ran on HBO, and I tell you, that last episode when Adams dies? I just lost it. I could feel my face reddening, my eyes tearing up.”

“He’s not Senator Obama, also known as The Messiah. He’s The Messiah, also known as Obama.”

“Now, when I was in the Lincoln Bedroom, there wasn’t a flat panel there, but there was a television. I didn’t turn it on and watch it, though; I was too busy calling my mom, saying, ‘Hey, guess where I am! You won’t believe it!'”

“As Abraham Lincoln said, Obama’s attitude is the attitude of kings, is the attitude of rulers, not leaders. No, Snerdley, Lincoln didn’t say it about Obama, he said it about Stephen Douglas. Jeez!”

“Faith, why in the world are you telling me that what I have done over the past two weeks has been a total waste of your time and my time? Is it not a waste of your time to call here and tell me I’ve been wasting your time?”

“Let me confide that I feel like the Democrats are going to take everything I have away from me. I feel like that’s what Democrats want to do to anybody who is their enemy, and that would include anybody who has enough money to be independent.”

“I am a noted sociologist and political thinker, and I thank Katha Pollitt for pointing that out.”

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