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“There’s a twenty percent chance that Hillary will get the nomination because Obama can’t close this out — and the Clintons are the Clintons.”

“Our country has a better chance of winning in the Middle East than Mrs. Clinton has of winning the Democrat primary, and yet she wants to fight to the end in her campaign, but quit in Iraq.”

“My optimism is based long term. I mean, you’re always going to lose elections. You’re always going to have disappointments. And you’re always going to end up with dingbats like Jimmy Carter.”

“Charlton Heston cut a figure of authenticity and credibility that Hollywood actors today can only dream of when they apply themselves to causes. Ted Danson, Leonardo DiCaprio… they’re just pure pretenders.”

“What I am learning is something that I always knew, and that is the Democrats never really loved the Clintons — they were just afraid of them.”

“That, my friends, is exactly how liberalism works: in little steps. We tax cigarettes, so why not tax candy and crackers and popcorn and butter and beef and Doritos and all these things that liberals think are no good for you?”

“I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a column from today’s New York Times by the ferret-like Paul Krugman. Well, he does — he looks like a ferret. A weasel.”

“Okay, the economy is having a little blip here. Fine. What can we do about it? Go out and engage in it! Be more productive! Work harder instead of sitting around and whining and moaning about George Bush!”

“That last caller — Lynn from Ohio, bless her heart — is exactly what happens to people with years and years of exposure to liberalism. She’s depressed, she believes the government holds all of her answers, and she’s lost her free will as a person.”

“Liberalism: It just bites you every time it gets a chance — and people bend over forward and let it! It frustrates the hell out of me.”


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