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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton, as you probably heard, is on the verge, ladies and gentlemen, of losing John Lewis as one of her superdelegates. Jim Clyburn in South Carolina is also very upset with Bill Clinton, and there appears to be an exodus of superdelegates previously pledged to Mrs. Clinton about to take place. She has lost another superdelegate, and that would be Soviet communist boss Vladimir Putin. Did you hear about this? You know, last week, or last year sometime, Hillary was out — by the way, this is so hilarious. This is coming up, too. Mrs. Clinton went to a GM factory, General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio, yesterday, and started promising everybody how she’s gonna ruin it; how she going to rein it in; how she’s going to take their profits. She says she hasn’t driven a car since her days in Arkansas. They put her in the driver’s seat and she didn’t know what anything was. It was hilarious. Anyway, I guess last year, late last year, she said, in response to a question of Vladimir Putin had no soul, yesterday of course Putin engaged in a Fidel Castro type press conference, four hours and 20 minutes, and when asked about this, he was asked about Hillary’s remark, and the former KGB lieutenant colonel said, ‘At a minimum, a head of state should have a head,’ talking about Hillary. (laughing) Yes. You know it’s gotta be bad when a former communist disses somebody like Hillary Clinton who comes from the Saul Alinsky school. Bad news, another superdelegate is off the reservation for Mrs. Clinton.

How many of you have been hearing about all these polls, Mrs. Clinton is wiping the floor with Obama in Texas and in Ohio? Not true, ladies and gentlemen. Here’s the latest from the American Research Group, Incorporated. The internals on this are devastating for Mrs. Clinton, too. The Texas primary preferences out this morning: Obama at 48, Mrs. Clinton at 42, somebody else at three, undecided at seven. Here are the internals. ‘Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama among self-described Democrats 47% to 42%. Obama leads Clinton among self-described independents and Republicans 24% to 71%.’ Now, you might recall, ladies and gentlemen, and here we discuss the influential power of this program. As you people know, I’m a highly influential member of Big Media. We’ve had a couple calls from recent days, Republicans in Texas saying, we need to pimp ourselves for one day in Texas during the Democrat primary because we got our candidate, Senator McCain. A woman called yesterday, ‘Let’s all cross over, a bunch of Republicans cross over because it’s open down there, and pimp ourselves and vote for Obama in the Texas primary,’ because there’s just so many people. Whenever it happens, it’s going to be such an exciting day for so many people to see the Clinton dynasty just end.

Some people think we’re in the middle of the last three weeks of the Clinton dynasty, that it will officially end after all these primaries coming up take place by early March. So I remembered that when I see here Republicans favor Obama along with independents 24-71%. ‘Obama leads among men 55% to 29% (47% of likely Democratic primary voters) and Clinton leads among women 54% to 42%. Clinton leads Obama among white voters 51% to 40% (53% of likely Democratic primary voters), Obama leads Clinton among African American voters 76% to 17% (22% of likely Democratic primary voters), and Clinton leads Obama among Latino voters 44% to 42%.’ Now, here’s where it gets interesting. ‘Twenty-two percent of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary and 20% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Barack Obama in the primary. 30% of men say they would never vote for Clinton in the primary.’

So while they’re out there touting some of these polls that show her way up in Texas and Ohio, she’s fallen behind Obama on the Republican side. Not that it matters.


RUSH: It’s time to create a new category here. We’ve got these delegates. We’ve got superdelegates. We have the undecideds. I think there’s a new category here that we need to discuss and name, given what’s happening to Mrs. Clinton. I would say that Hillary is losing her undies. (interruption) Undies. It may be an ugly thought, Mr. Snerdley, but it is happening. Undies are the decideds for Clinton who are undeciding. The decideds who are undeciding, Hillary is losing her undies. When Truman beat Dewey… I looked this up. When Truman beat Dewey, it shocked the world of pollsters because it was supposed to be Dewey in a landslide. There was once again, and I can’t remember this guy’s name, it was an ad guy. But he not only called the election for Truman but he took bets from all comers. And the way he did it, he tracked the undecideds and saw how they were deciding. Now everybody does that. All pollsters look for trends among the undecideds. But there’s a new indicator that we need to keep a sharp eye on now with Mrs. Clinton, and that is her undies. Not the undecided, but it’s the deciders who are undeciding for Mrs. Clinton: the undies.


RUSH: I’m going to stick to this business with Clinton losing her undies. By the way, it was George Gallup who in the Truman-Dewey race predicted Truman; focusing on the undecideds. Now all pollsters focus on the undecideds. And it really makes all of us mad, because the theory is you got 80% Republican going to vote their guy or their girl, and the same number on the Democrat side, and in any given election you have 10, 15, 20% undecided. The Drive-Bys say, ‘Candidates need to focus on the undecided,’ which really makes us mad. Focus on us, swell our numbers, and wipe out both the Democrats and the undecideds, because who are the undecideds? A bunch of moderates who have the guts to make up their mind about anything until the majority is formed a couple days before the election! I don’t like indecisive people on anything, do you? People that can’t make a decision about something? ‘Yeah, let me get back to you on that,’ and then they forget to get back to you, and they put you in a bind because you’ve told whoever.

(sigh) And yet the undecideds think that they’re smarter than everybody else in the room, that they’re not ‘closed-minded’ and ‘ideological.’ They are ‘open-minded’ and they’re ‘studying the issues,’ and again it’s all a bunch of folderol and flummery. But anyway, George Gallup created the phenomenon of the undecided. I have created the new indicator here, you are the undies. I don’t know that we’ve had so many people decided for a candidate who then undecide, and it is a big factor in Mrs. Clinton’s race. So the women over 50 who had decided for Mrs. Clinton are undeciding. The undereducated who had decided for Mrs. Clinton, are undeciding. Now the ‘plum undie.’ I mean there is a king undie here: prominent member of the black caucus, prominent civil rights leader, John Lewis of Georgia. Now, according to the New York Times and the AP, this undie — John Lewis, decided for Clinton — now is undecided for Obama. However, he’s denying his quotes. He hasn’t made up his mind. He’s leaning. He’s going back and forth. So he’s not really an undie yet. He’s a leaning undie, something Mrs. Clinton is also familiar with.

Now, his people, Lewis’ people are now denying the story. For those of you in Rio Linda, that is the, ‘hmm, hmm.’ That’s the sound of suspicion about this. I would love to be tapped into the Breck Girl’s phone, all the calls from the Clintons. I hope the Breck Girl’s taping these, because you know he’s being bombarded for all these things. Can you imagine the call Bill Clinton gave John Lewis when John Lewis was toying with being an undie — you know, one of Mrs. Clinton’s undies? (sigh) That call would be interesting, too. So what we’re facing, and I’ve predicted this a long time ago: If Mrs. Clinton’s undies continue to separate from her in greater numbers, then the Clintons are going to become even more and more desperate. Because the Reverend Jackson, Reverend Sharpton are out there and they’re saying, ‘You don’t mess around with the Florida and Michigan delegations, and you don’t mess around with these superdelegates! There are going to be protests at the convention in Denver. In fact, the Justice Brothers, an occasional intermittent sponsor here on the EIB Network just sent us their latest commercial.

(playing of Justice Brothers parody commercial)

RUSH: So the Justice Brothers are out there offering protest insurance to the Democrats, but all bets are off after what? (laughing) Texas and Wisconsin. Equal time, ladies and gentlemen. The Clintons are lashing out at MSNBC, DNCTV. We want to make sure that everybody on the Democrat side stays — well, not happy with us, but equal time is equal time. So…

(playing of Barack Obama ad spoof)

RUSH: Okay. I got the equal time out of the way, and just to remind you, ladies and gentlemen: I am Rush Limbaugh and I am for the right now. The future is going to happen. It’s going to take care of itself. The past we can’t do anything about. Somebody’s gotta stand for right now. It is I. It is me. Nobody’s against the future, and even if you were, you lose because it’s going to happen, and nobody knows what it is. What is, is — and that’s right now, and I am for right now. And more people ought to be living in right now than telling them stories about the future and hope in the first place. That’s why I’m happy to be in the center of things as being for right now.

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