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RUSH: Last night in the Democrat debate — and I haven’t had a chance to read in detail the audio sound bite roster, we might have some sound bites of the debate last night — but I’ve gotta tell you, folks, it was so boring, and it dragged on so long. It was funereal. It just was. The lighting was horrible, it was so bad, it was good. One of the things they kept talking about, they got into arguments about the stimulus package, gotta stimulate the economy. ‘Hell, yes, Limbaugh, we’re going into a recession.’ So Mrs. Clinton is proposing all kinds of things, a $70 billion stimulus package. Big whoop. She also proposed a freeze in foreclosures, a freeze in mortgage interest rates and so forth. She would destroy the mortgage industry. She would destroy it. I don’t know if she’d actually implement this stuff, but this is the epitome of pandering to people. A lot of people are really, really worried that the equity in their house, the value is plummeting. Even though they’re paying their mortgages, they’re concerned about this, I think more so than the price of gasoline, so the Democrats pander here.

But notice what Democrats, or anybody, people talk about stimulus packages all the time. The greatest stimulus package on the face of the earth is a tax cut. It is a tax cut. We were talking about health care yesterday with the guy in the last hour that called from Pinehurst, North Carolina. If you missed it, this is the guy that was rather accusatory of me on what he said was my wealth, which insulates me, in his mind, from the hardships of life and I’ve lost my way. These things come up periodically, ‘You’re out of touch.’ The first time it ever happened was some caller from Nacogdoches, Texas, and his complaint, ‘You don’t have any trouble paying the electric bill, you don’t know what life’s like out here.’ And I just blew up. I blew up yesterday at this guy. He said, ‘I made a hundred thousand dollars one year, and my wife, we didn’t make anything the next.’ Well, did you save anything? You know, a hundred thousand dollars isn’t bad. I never made a hundred thousand dollars until I was over 40, well into my forties, and I just turned 57 last week.

Anyway, stimulus package, best thing you can do is cut taxes. We were talking about health care with this guy yesterday, ‘You don’t know what it costs.’ Yes I do, because I pay for it. I don’t want to mess with the insurance because it’s a hassle. I’m lucky. I had to mess with it in the past, didn’t want to. I pay for a lot of other people’s health insurance, folks, in addition to my own. I am an employer. Don’t tell me I don’t know this stuff. But, I had an interesting thought. I want some of you to check this next time you have a chance, just check and see if your property tax every year is higher than what you’re paying for health insurance. Not what your benefit is. If your company provides you 80% of — what your out-of-pocket health care expenses are, find out if your property tax is higher than your health care. Yours isn’t, Brian? Do you know what your property tax is? Well, you must live in a dump. You bought the house? Okay. Well, my property tax, I’ll be ashamed to tell you. But it dwarfs my health care coverage, and I’ll bet a lot of people’s property tax is higher than what you’re paying on health care. And would you ever stop to think, well, maybe somebody ought to do something about your property tax and cutting that? What kind of stimulus would that be? Or maybe further income tax rate reductions or making these current tax cuts permanent?

Mrs. Clinton wants to give 250 or 300 bucks per person? Big whoop. We’ve been through this before. The last time somebody came up with this plan — who was it, George H. W. Bush did a stimulus package, or was it the Clintons? I forget what it was. But it was enough to go out and buy a muffler for your car. Another thing with the stimulus package, you know what’s going to happen, most people are going to take it and retire debt with it. Well, that’s what happened last time, anyway, statistically. Home insurance here in Florida could be just as much as health care, and then if you gotta go out and get other kinds of insurance, hurricane and all this stuff, look at what your insurance is and what that’s costing you and what your property taxes are compared to health care, and I’ll bet you that you’ll be stunned to learn that in most of your cases — not all of you, of course — but in most cases, you’re being taxed, or charged, far more for other things in life than your health care is costing you. Check that out.


RUSH: I don’t believe this. I do not believe this. Listen to this. Hillary Clinton has put out a press release. ‘Hillary Clinton, joined by New Jersey governor John Corzine and Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, discuss solutions for the American economy on a conference call today.’ This is absurd. She’s going to have a conference call with two governors whose states are fiscal basket cases, to discuss how to improve the economy! It’s worse than absurd. It is stupid, and she just had a shocking night in Michigan last night. I mean, 70% of the African-American vote went over there and voted for Mr. Uncommitted, not her. People in Michigan, do you believe this? Hillary in a press conference call with Jennifer Granholm to discuss solutions to the economy?


RUSH: The ‘stimulus package,’ the Democrats in their debate last night, talk about a stimulus package. It’s just a joke, folks. It’s just a ruse to grow the government, to get you more dependent on the government, and to get the government bigger. A seventy billion dollar stimulus package? Whoop-whoop! It’s not going to accomplish anything. That might be able to go buy a muffler. That’s what you were able to do with the last stimulus package, remember that? Two hundred bucks or something was a muffler at Meineke, maybe a muffler-and-a-half at Wal-Mart. I don’t know. But that’s about what it was worth.

Of course, the last stimulus package, if I’m not mistaken, the last stimulus package was instituted by a Republican, and the press made jokes about it. Where do you think the muffler thing came from? The Drive-Bys, the Democrats, said, ‘Well, this is really no good. All you can do is just go buy a muffler with this thing. It’s not really a stimulus.’ It was Tom Daschle. That’s right. It was Tom Daschle, the Puffster, who was the Senate majority leader from South Dakota. It was the Puffster who said that. So it must have been Bush. Was there a Bush stimulus package? It was the Bush stimulus package early on, coming out of a recession; they made fun of it. Now the Democrats are talking about much the same thing. ‘Oh, it’s wonderful! They care. We need this to stave off the recession.’ So, you get what you let, and that’s a sad thing, because the people up on the Democrat side are all disasters. Some on the Republican side are just as bad.

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