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RUSH: January 17th, 2006. At a San Francisco town hall, Nancy Pelosi said this to the audience about protesters.

PELOSI 2006: I thank all of you who have spoken out for your courage, your point of view. All of this — your advocacy — is very American and very important. I understand your anger. When Franklin Roosevelt died — and I… I draw great inspiration from him because he was a disrupter; and I’m a fan of disrupters, people who make — make change.

AUDIENCE: Woooooooo!

RUSH: Nancy Pelosi ‘loves disrupters,’ she told people in 2006. They’re great president of the United States. Not anymore. Now they’re Nazis. Blanche Lincoln in Little Rock at an event at John McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital — Senator Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas Democrat — was asked by a local Fox reporter Jennifer Akers if she regrets calling people protesting at health care town halls ‘un-American.’

LINCOLN: I made an apology, and I said it was an inappropriate way to describe it and I think that’s certainly adequate. I think I’ve made my statement about that. I apologize for — for, you know, yuh, using a term that was inappropriate.

RUSH: All these Democrats running around with all this hate speech aimed at the American people, and some of them now having to apologize for it. And Gene Green in Texas — who every time he has a chance, votes against requiring a photo ID to vote — is requiring a photo ID to get into one of his town halls. Last night on MSNBC, the socialist senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, was interviewed. Question: ‘In watching some of the events that have unfolded around the country over the last couple weeks with your Senate colleagues, what are you preparing yourself for out there?’

SANDERS: The question we should be talking about is not the end-of-life phony discussion of Rush Limbaugh, et cetera. What we should be talking about is how it can be that this nation spends almost twice as much per capita on health care as any other nation. That is the kind of debate that we should be having, not the issue of, ‘Does Barack Obama want to kill off the old people or the disabled?’ That is insane.

RUSH: It’s not insane. It’s going to happen! It’s going to happen. There’s no other way this can happen. Look at health care spending. Do we spend money on the healthy? When’s the last time a healthy person had a doctor cut off his foot for the money? When is the last time that a healthy person went in and had an appendix removed? When’s the last time we had open heart surgery on a healthy person? It doesn’t happen. Health care money is spent on sick people, and the older they are, the more we spend. It’s just statistics, and it makes sense. So if you’re going to ‘reduce spending’ — and Obama says he’s going to reduce the costs here because we’ve gotta bring the deficit down. Ha-ha-ha-ha, but that’s what he says.

Well, if you’re going to cut spending in health care and you don’t spend any money on the healthy, then where in the hell are you gonna cutting spending? You’ve gotta cut it on the sick. You gonna cut it on Medicare. You’re going to cut spending in Medicare. It’s in the House bill anyway. They’re going to cut spending on Medicare. Mr. Sanders, you’re lying through your teeth. You can invoke my name all you want, but you’re lying through your teeth about it. There is no way that we can not cut spending on the sick, ’cause that’s the only people we spend on! My friends, it’s just simple logic. (interruption) What do you mean they ought…? Oh, right, they’re going to stop the greedy doctors. They’re going to stop the greedy insurers.

Yeah, they’re going to squeeze the profits and they’re going to squeeze the doctors. Right. That’s not going to be substantive savings. And, by the way, Bernie, you’re a senator. The death panels that you say weren’t there (laughing) have now been removed from the bill. At least they told us they’re going to remove them.

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