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RUSH: You know, Republicans have ‘feuds.’ As far as the Drive-By Media is concerned, my little argument with Arnold Schwarzenegger last week was a ‘feud.’ The Democrats just have ‘little disputes.’ Last night on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Barack Obama was asked about the ‘little dispute’ that he has going with the Reverend Sharpton. Now, this is hardly little. The Reverend Sharpton is very much upset that Barack Obama is being called the first ‘articulate’ and ‘clean’ black man to seek the presidency. Sharpton’s done that before, and he’s taken showers before campaigning and so forth. He’s very offended by this, and he thinks that Obama is not down for the struggle. Obama doesn’t have any roots to the civil rights struggle in this country. He’s an interloper, if you will. Sharpton’s got these credentials, and the Reverend Jackson has these credentials — and, by the way, the Reverend Jackson has come out and said he’s going to vote for Obama. Sharpton is even more and more isolated, and very upset. We’ve played these bites for you of Sharpton standing outside Obama headquarters with the megaphone, the bullhorn, demanding Obama come out and talk about it for justice, shouting fat jokes about Obama’s mother to Obama. So Obama was asked about this last night, and Wolf said, ‘Have you and Al Sharpton made up? Have you gotten over that little dispute you had?’

OBAMA: You know, I — I — I don’t think there was, uh, uh, much going on there. I — the — uh — Reverend, uh, Sharpton has been a terrific advocate on behalf of the dispossessed. Uh, I’ve always expressed, uhhh, my respect for him.

RUSH: The dispossessed?

OBAMA: Uh… I think this was a misunderstanding as a consequence of, uh, uhh, his reading of a, uh, report in New York, uh, and I, uh, yeah. I called him and said we had nothing to do with, uh, the article. RUSH: Well, I don’t know, that may be true, folks, but I’m not sure that the Reverend Sharpton has bought into all this. As you know, we’ve made this into a song. (Playing of ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro” Parody Song.) (Playing of Sharpton/Obama Mama Fat Jokes Spoof.)

RUSH: After all those years of sacrifice, the Reverend Sharpton needs justice, and he won’t get it if Obama continues to rise. That’s our buddy Paul Shanklin there with the Sharpton impersonation.

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