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RUSH: We are working on an audio sound bite of President Obama in an interview last night when he walked out there to girlie toss the ceremonial first pitch and was wearing a Chicago White Sox jacket. Of course, he’s from Chicago. Well, actually he’s from parts unknown, but he lives in Chicago when he’s not in the White House. And everybody knows the Chicago White Sox, the name of the park, the ballpark they play in. Do you know what it is Snerdley? Well, you’re not a sports… (interruption) No, that’s the Cubs, Cubs play in Wrigley Field. Comiskey what? Comiskey Park is right. He called it Cominskey Field last night, wearing a White Sox jacket. We’re working on that audio even now. Can you imagine? These faux pas this guy makes! (laughing) Bush would be on a spit being roasted for an Obama Hawaiian luau with just half of these. (interruption) Well, there wasn’t a teleprompter out there. No, they got Biden’s! Obama’s prompter is dead. Died. Either committed suicide or was murdered.


RUSH: We got three more audio sound bites from President Obama, and the first one, he was being interviewed on the MLB network last night by Bob Costas, and Bob Costas said, ‘That White Sox jacket, that White Sox windbreaker, make no bones about it, you’re a South Sider, you’re a White Sox guy, not a Cubs guy?’

OBAMA: Listen. I’m not a Cubs hater. There’s a certain type of White Sox fan that actively roots against the Cubs so when the — the Bartman —

COSTAS: Right.

OBAMA: There were people who celebrated on the South Side. I’m not one of those guys. I wish them well unless they’re playing the White Sox. But I do think that there’s a different quality to what used to be Comiskey Field versus Wrigley.

RUSH: What used to be ‘Cominskey Field.’ It’s Comiskey Park. There’s no ‘N’ in there, but this guy was brought up by communists, so all these inskys have made an indelible impression on his mind like Saul Alinsky, and so he thinks it’s Cominskey Park. Cominskey Field is Comiskey Park, and, by the way, the White Sox now play in US Cellular Field, nicknamed The Cell, and the White Sox won the World Series in 2005 when Obama was there. You would think that comparing the Cubs and White Sox he’s got Wrigley Field to ‘Cominskey Field.’ And of course Bob Costas went right along with it, talking to the president of the United States here. He’s talking about this Bartman guy. That’s the guy that in the playoffs, Cubs, forget who they were playing but that’s the guy down the left field foul line, might have been the Marlins, I don’t know who it was, but this guy reached out and Moises Alou was about to make a crucial out on a pop fly during the left field line, this kid reached out and caught it and they’ve crucified the kid ever since and Obama has to show in this comment that he’s not a hater, he doesn’t hate Bartman. Is that even his name? (doing Obama impression) ‘There’s certain White Sox fans that hate the Cubs. I, of course, am not a hater. I did think it was unfair what they did to Bart — Bart — Bart — Bartman.’ Steve Bartman, yeah, I knew it was Steve. I just couldn’t remember the last name.

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