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RUSH: It turns out that last week was not the first time that Obama had mispronounced ‘corpse-man.’ He did it back in 2009 in October. He was in Jacksonville, Florida, at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. This goes by in seven seconds but you’ll hear it.

OBAMA: Pilots and air crews around the world, maybe ‘corpse-men’ on the ground in Afghanistan.

RUSH: What is it here? Navy ‘corpse-men’? And they want to have fun with Sarah Palin for jotting a little note on her hand? Navy ‘corpse-men’? This is four times now since last October. Either his staff is too afraid to correct him or they’re all ignorant, too. It’s gotta be one of those two. ‘Corpse-men’? Is he going to call them the ‘press corpse’? I do.


RUSH: I just learned this — George W. Bush has been in the White House teaching Obama to pronounce words. And we have a renegade sample of that tomorrow.

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