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RUSH: The stimulus, not only are they making up jobs ‘created or saved,’ now they are making up congressional districts, which do not exist at Recovery.gov, that $18 million website. Do you know how this happens? The people, let’s say at the Fred and Maude Shoe Store in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, they go on to Recovery.gov and say they created or saved however many jobs and then they can put in their congressional district to show where it is. And the White House is saying, ‘We’re not fudging any of this. What’s happening here is that these good people who are reporting jobs created or saved just don’t know their congressional district, and they’re just putting in a number in there that’s wrong.’ And people say, ‘Then take it out, why don’t you fix it?’ ‘Well, not that easy to do. Website design is such that we’re going to leave it the way it is.’

So we’ve got imaginary districts. Can you imagine how ACORN is going to have an orgasm over this? Good God! When you can go in and make up an entire congressional district and then ballot stuff from a district that doesn’t exist except that it does on an Obama website, whoa. And State-Controlled ABC uncovered this last night on ABC’s World News Tonight, a montage of a report by Jonathan Karl. You will also hear in this sound bite Joe Biden, the vice president, from September 3rd this year.

KARL: The $18 million website created by the White House to track the stimulus lists millions of dollars spent and jobs created.

BIDEN: We got a new modern website that’s going to blow you away.

KARL: The website, for example, says 30 jobs were created and over $700,000 spent in Arizona’s 15th congressional district. The problem? The state has only eight congressional districts. There is no 15th district. In virtually every state the website lists millions of dollars spent and jobs created in fictional congressional districts. The administration chalks it all up to human error and says the mistakes were most likely made by grant recipients who filled out their forms correctly and may not even have known what congressional district they live in. They say that the overall numbers given by the White House about job creation are still accurate.

RUSH: How can they say that? How can it be? They’re literally making up numbers out of whole cloth. They are sending money to places that are not there. Where is the money going? Where is it going? What do you think, Snerdley? Where is the money going? God only knows where it’s going. I’m telling you it’s a slush fund. As I explained yesterday and also brilliantly on Friday, it’s a slush fund. It’s a giant slush fund. Imaginary, made-up congressional districts, and when they get caught they blame it on who? Idiot Americans. Oh, yeah, but the numbers they’re reporting are correct. If Arizona only has eight congressional districts why would somebody think that they live in the 15th? And if you don’t know, why would you just make it up? I mean, if you’re reporting to the government, if you’re really into all this, you’re going to send in as many legitimate items — well, maybe not because they’re lying about the numbers of jobs, too.

These people cannot even read maps. It’s not just Arizona. The reporting problems are not just in Arizona. Oklahoma, Recovery.gov lists more than $19 million in spending, 15 jobs created in more congressional districts that don’t exist. In Iowa, it shows $10.6 million spent, 39 jobs created in nonexistent districts. In Connecticut’s 42nd district, which also does not exist, the website claims 25 jobs created, with zero stimulus dollars. The list of spending and job creation in fictional congressional districts extends to US territories as well, $68.3 million spent and $72 million spent in the first congressional district of the US Virgin Islands; $8.4 million spent, 40.3 jobs created in the 99th congressional district of the US Virgin Islands; $1.5 million spent, three jobs created in the 69th district, and $35 million for 142 jobs in the 99th district of the Northern Mariana Islands. None of these places exist! Forty-seven-point-seven million spent, 291 jobs created in Puerto Rico’s 99th congressional district. The White House didn’t catch any of this and you’ve got Biden out there, ‘The state-of-the-art website will blow you away.’ And these are the people — this is the common rejoinder — these are the people that claim they can fix and run more efficiently and cheaper one-sixth of the US economy known as health care.

In New Mexico, in New Hampshire, in California, all of these fake districts in all of these real states — if the congressional districts are made up, what about the jobs being made up? I mean of course the two go hand in hand. This website is an $18 million boondoggle joke; it’s a propaganda machine; it’s run right out of the White House. And to now blame these phony, nonexistent congressional districts on the people in the states not knowing what district they’re in. (interruption) Yes, the official program observer with another question. What’s the question? My website did not cost $18 million to build. Someday it will generate $18 million but it did not cost $18 million to build. And this thing probably did, but how much graft, fraud and deceit is in that?


RUSH: Naperville, Illinois. Rick, welcome to the EIB Network, grab a couple calls here, and you’re first.

CALLER: Rush, mega manly Boy Scout dittos from the land of the Ronald Reagan Tollway, of all things they named after the great man. My comment is, first of all I want to put up my Dick Turban shield right now, because I’m much too close in the broadcast, I’m too close to all those foolish things that he was uttering right before I came on. So normally I’ve never voted for the man, never would. But my comments earlier, you were commenting on the districts that did not exist, where the jobs were being counted. And my statement on that is, it’s really an interesting contrast and a very negative interesting contrast that things could be made up about things that you never said and that things could be picked apart for Sarah Palin’s comments that, you know, they need 11 reporters to find six minor, what they call discrepancies, and while the huge discrepancy is right in front of their eyes about things that don’t exist that they’re touting.

RUSH: Well, it’s interesting, a lot of news is fake. A lot of news is totally made up. And if the made-up news is beneficial, they stick with it. In this case they’re going to stick with the fabricated districts because the focus is all the jobs created or saved. ‘Ah, the districts are wrong. That was bad input by citizens reporting to us. But no, we’ve created and saved all these wonderful jobs.’ So it’s fake news, and that has become almost the foundation of modern-day media.

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