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RUSH: Now, Obama’s at a town meeting and I’m looking up here at both the networks. They periodically JIP it — join it in progress — but nobody’s covering the town meeting wall-to-wall. They used to go wall-to-wall at these town meetings. He’s up there talking about jobs and stuff, the economy. Now, they say, both these networks, ‘He’s in western New York.’ Well, that’s a big place. Where in western New York? He’s in Buffalo. Buffalo cannot get any respect. He’s in Buffalo, and nobody will say he’s there. He’s in western New York and he still can’t get me off his mind.

OBAMA: I want to say to all of you, and I want to say to America, we can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, today we are headed in the right direction. (applause) We are headed in the right direction. (applause) All those tough steps we took, they’re working, despite all the naysayers who were predicting failure a year ago, our economy is growing again.

RUSH: (laughing) The president’s playing with himself up there in Buffalo.

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