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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites very quickly. Mr. Snerdley, you were roundly criticized on MSNBC’s Hardball last night. Richard Wolffe of Newsweek magazine was on with Chris Matthews, and they were talking about you, our Official Obama Criticizer. Now, for those who didn’t hear this yesterday, Mr. Snerdley was very critical of Obama’s whining and moaning reaction to the picture that the Clinton camp put out there with him dressed up like Ayman al-Zawahiri. So Mr. Snerdley did his standard criticism, and then, as Mr. Snerdley’s penchant is, he did a translation for our EIB brothers and sisters in the hood. Now, apparently, that’s all that Mr. Wolffe at Newsweek heard. I actually suspect he heard the whole thing, but he wants to focus only on your translation for our EIB brothers and sisters in the hood. So Matthews says to Richard Wolffe, ‘Look, it’s the silly season with that guy, Bill Cunningham in Cincinnati.’ They were talking about Cunningham and his warm-up act for McCain.

WOLFFE: I was listening to Rush Limbaugh this afternoon, and he had his Barack Obama critic, an African-American guy who spoke quote, ghetto, about Barack Obama. This is going to be an incredible election, and a lot of it’s going to be pretty distasteful just like Cunningham was earlier.

RUSH: All right, so Mr. Snerdley, you and I have now just been proclaimed — well, you, wasn’t me, it was you — you have just been proclaimed ‘distasteful.’ The Official Obama Criticizer of the EIB Network, Bo Snerdley, has now been called distasteful. Not enough time to get this next bite in. Angry White Woman tour continues. There are a couple of women, one of them is Katha Pollitt… She’s blaming me for what has happened to Hillary, not just for what’s happening to Hillary, but for the overall decline in esteem in which political women are held. She’s blaming me, in creating the word feminazi and some of these — it’s a proud day for us here. Snerdley ripped on Hardball, and me continually ripped here by the feminazis out there on the left.


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