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RUSH: I have a Politico story: ‘Will its Offbeat Candidates Hurt GOP? A former professional wrestling executive, a libertarian ophthalmologist and a man who thinks bicycle use could empower the United Nations filed to run in elections. That’s not the start of a joke: that’s a sampling of the deeply unusual pool of candidates running — and actually being nominated — for high office this year.’ That’s the first paragraph of a Politico story by Alexander Burns about offbeat candidates, and they’re all to be found in this story on the Republican Party side of the aisle. It shows just how disconnected the partisan political operatives in the media are. This guy writes a fairly lengthy piece on how unconventional some Republican candidates are in this election cycle, as if Obama’s an off-the-rack politician, as if Michelle Obama is an off-the-rack first lady, as if Charlie Rangel, as if Chuck-U Schumer, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, these are the common, ordinary, everyday — these are the norms. These are the great people with whom we should aspire. These are the crooks that have taken over the place and been there for 30, 40 years to the point now where TIME Magazine has a piece: ‘Did Charlie Rangel Just Get Caught Up in Business as Usual in the House?’ As though it’s no big deal, what’s everybody so concerned about? This is just what happens in the House. Big deal. House bank, House post office, there’s no story here. Poor old Charlie.

The Politico could run a list of the offbeat legislation the Democrats introduced every day in Congress like Rangel’s constant efforts to reintroduce the draft. Maxine Waters today blamed Bush for her ethics problems. We got Fortney ‘Pete’ Stark. These are normal people, all of these wondrous Democrats. But of course The Politico has to go out and find offbeats in the Republican Party. This Burns guy gets one thing right. ‘It’s almost impossible to imagine a group of nominees like this emerging in any other election cycle, and the willingness of primary voters to embrace such downright strange candidates underscores just how violently the 2010 electorate has turned against political institutions and the would-be officeholders who belong to them.’ He’s exactly right. We’ve gotten so odd that somebody who wants to reform Social Security is a political offbeat. Somebody who wants to shore up Medicare and fix it a political offbeat. Somebody who wants to fix the Department of Education is considered an offbeat candidate. Somebody who wants to bring the budget in line is an offbeat, oddball, weirdo candidate. Somebody who wants to end the crime and the fraud and the waste in government is an offbeat candidate.

This first paragraph: ‘A former professional wrestling executive, a libertarian ophthalmologist and a man who thinks bicycle use could empower the United Nations filed to run in elections.’ Let’s start a really tasteless joke. How about if I wrote a story with this as the lead: ‘A man is sworn in as president of the United States who has enthusiastically advocated infanticide as a state senator.’ It’s true. Is that not offbeat? Barack Hoover Obama as a state senator, infanticide, if a baby intended to be aborted survives the abortion the doctor is not to save the baby, goes against the wishes of the mother. Barack Hoover Obama. How about this: ‘A man runs for the highest office in the land whose preacher of 20 years is a racist, a bigot, and a mentor.’ Barack Hoover Obama is mainstream? Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi? All of Obama’s close friends, they are the mainstream? Treasury secretary who cheats on his taxes and looks weird is not offbeat, little Timmy Geithner? Or how about this: ‘A man takes the presidential oath of office who is good friends and a close business associate of an unrepentant domestic terrorist.’ Would the people at The Politico ever think to write that under the headline: ‘Will its Offbeat Candidates Hurt the Democrat Party?’

‘A phenomenon that began with physician Rand Paul’s victory in the Kentucky Senate primary has effectively gone national: Primary voters are again and again choosing offbeat candidates shunned by national party strategists, and imperiling potential Republican gains this November in the process.’ You know who the ruling class fears. They will always tell you. ‘Primary voters, as shown by national party strategists, including Republicans.’ So even the Republicans are embarrassed at some of these — yes, we know they are. The same Republicans who guarantee the Republican Party be a perpetual loser, a perpetual minority party. Al Franken, not an offbeat candidate in the Democrat Party? Oh, no, only the offbeat candidates are on the Republican side. Joe Bite Me, mainstream, not a little oddball offbeat candidate, Joe Bite Me?


RUSH: Now, back to this Politico piece: ‘Democrats have a few cartoonish candidates of their own, including South Carolina Senate nominee Alvin Greene.’ Frankly, what’s so cartoonish about this guy other than what they’ve said about him? Everything I’ve read about Alvin Greene is he was an intelligence expert, he got some awards being in the US military. It’s the Democrats making fun of this guy. It’s the Democrats making him out to look like a goofball simply ’cause he’s not part of the ruling class. But what about Alvin Greene is so oddball? We look at Alvin Greene as oddball because his own party is making fun of him, not us.

Oh, yes, and they say that ‘baggage-laden Florida real estate mogul Jeff Greene, who’s running for the Democratic Senate nomination,’ is a cartoonish candidate on the Democrat side. ‘But the year’s unlikeliest nominees are overwhelmingly on the Republican side.’ Now, look, this is the Politico and this is what you get. We have a coterie of 1960s hippies and neocommunists running the country, and Politico thinks those who oppose them are offbeat. We have Linda McMahon, yes, she is so offbeat, she actually is in business, she actually has grown a huge business, the WWE. The ruling class finds it distasteful, cartoonish in and of itself. She grew her business a thousand fold. How offbeat that we ought to have somebody who understands business in politics. How offbeat. Really? Meanwhile, practically every single Democrat who is currently running for state or national office is lying through their teeth trying to portray themselves as anti-Obama, anti-big spending, anti-debt. They’re essentially trying to portray themselves as conservatives so as not to be slaughtered in the upcoming elections! These on-beat, these down the middle, mainstream normal people are about to get slaughtered. They’re about to be creamed because they are out of the mainstream.

The Democrat Party is not America. The American left is not America. They are not onbeat. They are not the backbone of America. They are not the heart of America and they never have been. These very onbeat, noncartoonish people are about to get creamed in November, and the Politico says that it’s the Republicans who are offbeat. Can they point to a single Democrat who’s onbeat? Don’t tell me Pelosi. Don’t tell me Obama. These are all kooks! Reid? Not even stable, for crying out loud. A radio talk show host, a mere radio talk show host humiliated Harry Reid for months over a bogus claim in a letter that he wrote, all for the benefit of charity. Harry Reid, don’t tell me he’s onbeat. Whatever beat they’re on it’s not the beat the American people are on, the American voter. They wouldn’t have to be lying through their heads to campaign and win if they were onbeat. The people who win elections by lying through their teeth are offbeat. If you have to lie about who you are and what you believe in order to get elected, how in the world can you be said to be onbeat, mainstream, down the middle, American? It’s upside down. Alvin Greene is probably the most normal Democrat running for office this year. We only think he’s a joke because the Democrats make fun of him. It’s the Democrats that try to keep black people out of political powerful positions. It ain’t us.

Some Democrats get it. This is anecdotal. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, I don’t know when this was, maybe yesterday. Forty-year-old unemployed African-American woman Michelle Rena Jones from Albion, Michigan, said this about voting for Obama in the upcoming elections.

JONES: In 2008 we cheered, hollered, partied, celebrated. (giggling) But he’s made us quite a few promises, and I don’t see that they are being fulfilled. I understand as far as being patient and — but how much patience do we have to have in order to become gainfully employed? Most likely I won’t be voting. I’m a Democrat to my heart, but it just seems like that it’s not working.

RUSH: Lifelong black Democrat says she’s not going to vote for Democrats anymore. It’s anecdotal. It’s anecdotal, but it’s one voice, and there’s millions more like her, folks. That’s the thing. But you won’t find her story in Politico or the New York Times or the Washington Post, you won’t find her story there.


RUSH: Well, I may have spoken too soon back when I was analyzing the political story when they were talking about all the offbeat Republican candidates. I said Alvin Greene, the only reason we’re making fun of this guy is ’cause the Democrats are laughing at him. ‘Longshot U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene has been indicted on a felony charge of showing pornography to a South Carolina college student. Court records show a grand jury in Richland County handed down the indictment Friday for disseminating, procuring or promoting obscenity. The Democratic nominee was also indicted on a misdemeanor charge of communicating obscene materials to a person without consent.’ What do you bet the Democrats are behind this to get him off the ballot? (laughing) Normally, if he’s a guy and he’s a Democrat and he’s involved with pornography, he’s in the clear. That doesn’t harm Democrats. Hell, if you’re a Democrat you can drive a woman off a bridge and she dies and it doesn’t hurt you. In fact, that might help you. I mean certain things are resume enhancements in the Democrat Party. And now all of a sudden Alvin Greene’s been indicted here for disseminating pornography as a Democrat, and somebody thinks that’s unusual?

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