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RUSH: Now, I mentioned earlier that the president in his speech last night admitted that he made mistakes. Boy are they so ginned up about that, they’re so excited about this in the Drive-By Media. They keep saying, “Do the libs ever apologize for the mayhem and inhumanity that they cause?” Does anybody ever demand that they apologize? Why do we allow ourselves to constantly be on defense about this? Who says that our very existence requires an apology? Hey, libs, how’s that war on poverty going, huh? How many casualties in the war poverty? How many casualties from being weak on crime? How many casualties to our culture and society from liberal judges who slap criminals on the wrist? How many inner-city families, libs, have you busted up? You feel bad about that? Oh, I’m sorry, we’re not supposed to look at liberals’ results, ladies and gentlemen. No. We’re supposed to examine their good intentions.

But when it comes to George W. Bush and the war on terror to defend and protect the country, and the US military charged with the actual responsibility for doing this, we’re never allowed to examine the good intentions. We’re never allowed to look at Bush’s heart and understand maybe he just wants the best that he sees. No. No. We don’t look at results, either. We make up results. We lie about what a failure Bush is. We lie, the liberal Democrats lie about his policy and how it’s a failure. We never, ever hear them apologize for diddly-squat. How about the cost to taxpayers for all these failures in the Great Society, libs? How about apologizing for the judicial appointments that Carter and Clinton have made that have so gummed up the works of having to fight the war on terror?

How about apologizing for the abominations that have put on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California? If there’s ever an embarrassment in liberal land, that’s it, how about some apologizes for what you’ve done? Why should they apologize? Their arrogance and condescension is such that they are never wrong. Where’s the hand-wringing? Where are the graphics? Which takes me to a couple of audio sound bites last night when the president addressed the nation. Here’s a portion of what he said. This is the line the Drive-By Media begged for and they’re having orgasms over it.

THE PRESIDENT: The situation in Iraq is unacceptable to the American people, and it is unacceptable to me. Our troops in Iraq have fought bravely. They have done everything we have asked them to do. Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me.

RUSH: All right, so now let’s go to this morning. Good Morning America, Claire Shipman in Chicago in a diner with a focus group, Chicago, home of Barack watch-me-walk-out-of-the-ocean like Ted Kennedy did, Obama. And she reports, “We are still debating this speech here in Lou Mitchell’s diner here in Chicago with some hearty members of our focus group. Overall, do they like the war? Not really. But many did give the president points for thoroughly explaining his dilemma. The verdict: Not bad.” Here’s the montage of her report.

SHIPMAN: Every part of his plan registered on this graph: The green line reflecting the war supporters, the red line, war critics. And one thing everyone liked —

VOICE: When President Bush accepted blame.

THE PRESIDENT: Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me.

SHIPMAN: See both lines shooting up?

VOICE: It’s good to hear.

VOICE: This is the first time I ever saw George Bush actually admit that there’s a debacle in Iraq.

SHIPMAN: Although some were looking for more emotion.

VOICE: I think he should be either a little angry or a little — I mean show some emotion. He had no emotion.

VOICE: This wasn’t an emotional —

VOICE: I felt that he became accountable.

RUSH: And here we have it, ladies and gentlemen, the Oprahized society that loves apologizes and loves emotion. They wanted him to cry, they wanted to see a tear, or they wanted to see a bitten lower lip, la Clinton. Look, people, he is president of the United States. It was a speech delivering facts, it was a speech informing the country and the world of what had gone wrong and what was now being planned to fix it. This was not about making you feel good, first, foremost, and only. I wish he’d have had more emotion. Probably would have been a better acceptance rate if he had, but he is who he is. I don’t think his view of the presidency is that people want to see the commander-in-chief in any kind of an emotional display. Trust me. That’s not a measure of strength, folks.

RUSH: I saw a story last night, what was it, AP, talking about war-weary Americans. I just threw my hands up in frustration, as if any of us have some kind of direct role in prosecuting this war. If you are a war-weary American and you are not a military family, and you have not been sent to combat, then grow up! What do you mean, war-weary? What are we becoming here? A nation of linguini-spined pacifist wimps? “I don’t want to be made uncomfortable, that’s why I’m war-weary, Mr. Limbaugh.” On the one hand, all the libs are out there saying that we don’t sacrifice, we’re not making any sacrifice. So how in God’s name can we be war-weary? The same people say we need to sacrifice and we’re not sacrificing, and in the same breath they then claim that we are war-weary. War-weary Americans? This is the media describing you. 

This is a news story in which you are described as war-weary Americans, as if you have some kind of direct role in prosecuting this war, as though you’re tired of being shot at, tired of spending time in military hospitals. They are projecting their reality on to you and all of us again, and their reality isn’t reality at all. They may be war-weary because they don’t like war, and because they’re afraid that we might win this. This is what I say when we have become a nation of pacifists, we delude ourselves as if we are suffering so. Who among you, who is not a member of a military family and hasn’t been sent to any theater of military operations, who among you can say that you are suffering? I want to hear from you. I want to hear about the virtue of your suffering, when you’re not a military family. I don’t hear the military families complaining. I don’t hear US military people, “We are weary of this war, and we want to come home.” I hear the exact opposite. They’re frustrated, they want to be turned loose, they want to kick butt, they want to win. I know many of them now. Gotten to know a lot of them. I get e-mail from them, people who are there now and people who have been.

Now all of a sudden average Joe Six-Pack, wife Mary Jo and the 2.8 kids and the white picket fence and the two SUVs in the garage are war-weary and suffering? We got the economy chugging along, we are surrounded by luxury, we don’t even realize how good we have it. We are so self-indulgent and we are so affluent — this is exactly what I mean when I say we have a generation here who has had to invent its own traumas to convince itself that it is living through tough times, like our parents and grandparents did. So now we are war-weary, eh? Well, that’s a morale booster. You want to talk about war-weary, talk to people who actually fight them and ask them what war-weary is. You know what they’ll tell you? They’ll tell you that war-weary is being fed up with their morale constantly assaulted, with having to hear on the news that they’re losing and can’t win, and that what they’re doing is not worth it. That’s what war-weary is.

War-weary, I’m sorry, is not you sitting watching the evening news or going to a movie or whatever you do or walking around the mall feeling uncomfortable about it when you have no involvement. That really frosts me, folks. This, of all things I read last night. It’s time for this nation to grow up and become adults. But it’s going to be hard to do with the liberals now running Congress, Oprah off in South Africa spreading Oprahization to Africa now that she’s done it here in America. We got Dr. Phil out there and all these other touchy feel good things.

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