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RUSH: Pat Dollard, a former big-time lib, a big-time former Hollywood lib, has done a 180 and become a conservative. Vanity Fair magazine has done a 23,000-word hit piece on the guy trying to destroy him. He quit his job, took a camera over to Iraq, talked to a bunch of Marines, and put together a documentary called ‘Young Americans.’ On his website, he says: ‘I wish the projection I’m writing about was Astral. I wish the people I’m writing about were permanently floating out of their bodies, or at least until they came to their senses. Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emmanuel, Harry Reid, and, well, the rest of the Democratic Party, have decided to project their policy and political ambitions with regard to the war on Iraq, onto you and me – – people who were not offered the opportunity to vote on any proposed national law or referendum regarding Iraq, but who instead were only offered the opportunity to vote in local elections for representatives to the Federal Government. During the campaign, very few of those who were elected looked the American People in the eye and told them they intended to vote for an arbitrary cut-off date for the war, or a call to bring the troops home within weeks. ‘Yet the Dems now claim they were elected to do exactly that. Perhaps they need to be reminded that they were elected in the United States of America, not Fantasy Island. Pelosi et. al. are over-playing their hand, overinterpreting the fact that local elections allowed the Democrats a slim Congressional and Senate Majority. Somehow they have interpreted this to mean, clearly and unequivocally, that the American people want a complete pullout from Iraq, regardless of the consequences. They have interpreted it to mean that the American people do not support the surge. A surge the reckless and ridiculous Democrats themselves supported when they unanimously approved General Petraeus to lead it. They keep stating that the American People somehow voted the Democratic Party in as part of a national referendum to immediately begin a withdrawal from Iraq. There is no evidence to support such self-serving wishful thinking. The only thing that supports that contention is their desire for it to be true.’

Hence, that’s why I call them pathological. ‘Would anyone who voted on such a referendum please scan and email me their ballot? ‘Cos if it was out there and I didn’t get to vote on it due to some voter fraud conspiracy, I’m gonna be mad. And if anyone is dying and would like to leave their brain to Chuck Hagel, please go to his website for contact info.’ This is Pat Dollard. Some people at HBO are thinking about turning his life into a movie. I just wanted to mention this to you because it’s a former Hollywood liberal, and he’s got the election results right on the money. Now, we don’t have national referendums. You’ve gotta remember: the Democrats cannot run on an agenda. They were ripping Iraq, they were ripping Bush, they were ripping everything, but they didn’t say, ‘We’re going to get us out of there.’ Their left-wing blog kooks interpreted it that way, but the Democrats never said, ‘This is what we’re going to do,’ and yet they’re interpreting their own victory as a mandate in that regard.

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