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RUSH: All right, the House has, as expected, failed to override the president’s veto of the S-CHIP bill, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. You gotta listen to her. Here’s Nancy Pelosi. You gotta listen to her two sound bites, an impassioned speech, and imploring the members to do this ‘for the children’!

PELOSI: We had a decision today to override the president’s veto, which would be, in my view, the right thing to do for our children and for our country. It’s not about compassion. It’s about fairness. It’s about fairness! And this is a bill, again, that has been bipartisan in its development, and required enormous sacrifice from the Democrats in the House of Representatives.

RUSH: Oh, my gosh! (laughing)

PELOSI: We’ve had a much higher goal. This is what is achievable for the children. (cell phone ringing) It should have been signed by the president. (cell phone ringing) There is no reason that he has given that is consistent with the facts.

RUSH: That is embarrassing. That, folks, is literally pathetic. It is embarrassing! ‘It’s about fairness! It’s not about compassion.’ What, have they given up on compassion? Fairness? Fair to who? And then, ‘This is something that has required enormous sacrifice from Democrats…’ (laughter) Here’s the second of our two bites that we have.

PELOSI: Come forward on behalf of the children and let’s truly send a signal that we are about the future. I tried to do that when I was sworn in by being surrounded by children. It was like a spontaneous moment, but it was one that was clear in its message: We are gaveling this house to order on behalf of the children. There is nothing more important that we have to do in our work than make sure that our children are healthy and safe. Today we have an opportunity to do that. Let’s not miss that opportunity. Let’s give a vote for the children and against the president’s veto. (applause)

RUSH: Yeah, it all went down in flames. They needed 290 votes. They did not get it. The override failed. The veto has been sustained. Mrs. Pelosi, it’s now been documented: yet another leadership failure. This is pathetic. This is embarrassing. Let’s do it ‘for the children.’ It’s worked for them in the past. Everything’s ‘for the children.’ But this bombed out big time.

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