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“Any kind of an accident, any event, the first liberal knee jerk reaction is, ‘We have to raise taxes.'”

“The Democrats are the party of minorities, and keeping minorities poor and even continuing to call them minorities when they are no longer minorities. A minority = victim. Victim = special treatment by the government. Liberals run the government.”

“Liberals don’t want tranquility. They don’t want calm seas. They love there being giant waves out there, throwing everybody all over the place.”

“How come liberal politicians never, ever get blamed or even questioned when you have an infrastructure failure like what happened yesterday in New York?”

“I think we are going to beat this global warming thing back. In four or five years we’ll have a majority of people understanding how phony and fraudulent this is.”

“Prices of food are already rising due to the dumb idiot idea of ethanol. I mean, for crying out loud, there is now a prime beef shortage in New York steakhouses. This is unacceptable.”

“When I say there have to be some adults in the Democrat Party, I don’t see any evidence of it. I’m just assuming. Maybe it’s some of the Drive-Bys that are advising them, ‘You guys, you’ve really gone off the cliff on this, and you better throw the lifeline out pretty soon or in deep do-do.'”

“Everybody’s assuming the Democrats are a slam dunk because everybody hates the Republicans and hates Bush. But the Rasmussen poll found the Democrats have no edge on Iraq, on the economy, or anything else in his surveys that he has taken up to now. In other words, it’s still wide open.”

“The Democrats have failed to convince the American people with their allies in the media, that the Iraq war is a separate entity from the overall war on terror.”

“Who is ‘our’ side? Our side is the U.S. military. Our side is U.S. Military trying to make inroads in Iraq, trying to create stability, trying to make a haven for democracy. Our side isn’t the Bush administration, the GOP.”


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