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RUSH: This is last Monday in Seattle at a Swedish Medical Center press conference. Pelosi spoke to the press. A news reporter, Shomari Stone, said, ‘Do you think it’s fair to send people to jail for not buying health insurance?’

PELOSI: For a long time now people who haven’t had health care or provided it have placed the burden on others. Everybody is paying the price for uncompensated care. I don’t need to tell you that in a hospital. And so what this is is to say we all have to do our part and that is the point of the bill.

STONE: But, Madam Speaker, I’m just trying to understand. If you don’t buy health insurance, you go to jail? You didn’t answer my question.

PELOSI: There — there is, uh, uh — there is — I think the legislation is very fair in this respect.

RUSH: There you have it. I mean it’s not a mistake in there. ‘What are you in for?’ ‘Yeah, I’m here for rape, incest and murder. What are you here for?’ ‘I didn’t buy health insurance.’ (laughing) We all have to do our part. We all have to do our part. Now, as I mentioned an hour ago, Obama is going to purge all the Republicans from the federal civil service retroactive to five years ago. We keep our eyes on Venezuela to find out where we might be headed — and Cuba. We’re talking about political prisoners here, and it’s unconstitutional anyway for the federal government to mandate that anybody buy anything. And don’t give me this automobile insurance because not everybody has to buy it. People that don’t have cars don’t have to buy it, people that don’t have driver’s licenses and don’t drive don’t have to buy it and automobile insurance you buy to protect against people that hit you, or that you hit. You’re not insuring yourself per se. The analogy just doesn’t work. So yesterday in Washington, the Speaker of the House continued speaking to the press and described her health care bill as such.

PELOSI: I’m confident, I’m hopeful that we will have a bill as a Christmas present to the American people.

RUSH: A Christmas present to the American people. Yeah. Imagine. They’re going to give us all this wonderful Christmas present stuff. We didn’t get ’em anything. Rather have coal is right.


RUSH: This is Pearl in Sacramento, my adopted hometown. Nice to have you on the program, Pearl.

CALLER: Yes. I’m on?

RUSH: You’re on!

CALLER: All right. I agree with everything that you have said, Rush. I love your show. I just have a question, a couple comments to make if I could.

RUSH: Sure. Go ahead.

CALLER: I’m just absolutely terrified of the debt we’re accumulating, and I feel like — and wonder what your opinion is — that Obama would sign any bill, sign the health care bill, no matter how much it cost, even if it were several trillion dollars, and no matter how many taxes it gets on low-income people. And I wondered if you would agree with that, and also Pelosi made millions of dollars in marsh mice research in California, while SFI [Supplemental Security Income] for seniors, low-income people was cut three times this year.

RUSH: Yeah. But Obama is going to be sending you a $250 bonus check to make up for your cost of living allowance that’s not going to happen this year.

CALLER: Oh, well, that’s wonderful. I’m so happy over that.

RUSH: No, you’re absolutely right. Obama will sign anything that says ‘health care reform’ on it, no matter what the price, no matter what the cost, no matter what the taxes are, no matter what the taxes are on who. He will sign it.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm. I agree. You know, I hope seniors — if this passes, I hope seniors — turn themselves in en masse to jails instead of paying their premiums. I hope they do.

RUSH: Well, you know, what? Here we go. Here’s my Media Tweak of the Day. Here’s my Media Tweak of the Day. Adolf Hitler put people in jail to reduce his unemployment numbers. And Nancy Pelosi, who called us, a bunch of Nazis running around with ‘swah-stih-kahs’ just said that it’s very fair to jail people who don’t accept the burden of paying for health insurance. Well, you go, I mean history is history. I’m not going to sit here and ignore it. I’m not going to PC this program. I’m not going to PC this audience. Thanks, Pearl, great to hear from you.


RUSH: By the way, the Media Tweak of the Day: Hitler put people in jail to lower the unemployment numbers. Another media tweak: that’s how Dachau started. We have 35 seconds if you think we should bleep our edit this out. I, frankly, think we should not. I didn’t say anything about Obama there. I’m just giving a little historical truth. This is all about Pelosi, this is all — (interruption) how many seconds we got before we bleep it, 20? I’m not going to bleep it out, Snerdley. Look, this is Pelosi. She called us Nazis, swastikas during the tea parties. Now they call us teabaggers. She said it’s okay to put people in jail for not buying health insurance. Well, historical context. We can’t bleep it now, Snerdley, the delay went by. (laughing)


RUSH: This is Chris in Rochester, New Hampshire. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hey. Great to talk to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: My mom said to send her love. I wanted to make a quick comment — well, I got a couple quick comments first one is about Pelosi and that interview she gave —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — about people who don’t have insurance being a drain on the system. What exactly does she think that long-term welfare assistance are and illegal aliens? How does she compare those two?

RUSH: Well, again, you’re asking a question with the wrong frame or premise, because Pelosi’s all for people on welfare.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: They want as many people dependent as possible. Those are the people Pelosi and Obama love. They are Democrat voters. What they want to do is punish the wealthy who refuse to buy insurance because they don’t need it, don’t want it, or what have you. This is all about an attack on the wealthy and taking as much of what they have as possible and punishing them for it.

CALLER: Ah. Completely ridiculous.

RUSH: Yeah, so as far as they’re concerned, there aren’t any contradictions. There aren’t any contradictions. And they’re not hypocrites. You just have to understand. You know, these people are tyrannical. I myself, I ask this question all the time: How stupid do they think we are? They don’t even care about that. They do look at us with contempt. What they want is for us to be powerless. When we are powerless to stop them, that’s when they’re happy. Whether we’re smart, dumb, whether we get it or don’t get it, they don’t care. They just want us to have the inability — or not have it. I’ll do it the right way. They don’t want us to have the ability to stop them, and that’s where they’re headed. That’s what their objective is.

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