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RUSH: This is from MSNBC.com, State-Controlled Media. ‘President Barack Obama brought his latest prescription for recovery to this economically ravaged region of northern Indiana, promising Wednesday to ‘unleash prosperity for everybody, not just some.” They lie. They use words in your comfort zone. They use words that comprise and make up your experience. They use words based on your conservative core values. In the middle of two million jobs being lost, of massive debt being run up, of a health care plan that will destroy individual liberty and freedom, this man has the audacity to say to people living in an area where the unemployment rate’s about 18%, that he promised ‘unleash prosperity for everybody, not just some,’ while he is personally, via his policies, destroying it!
‘Obama told a gathering of community that the federal government would distribute $2.4 billion in 48 taxpayer grants to create next-generation electric cars and recreational vehicles. The grants will be divided among 25 states.’ That’s unleashing prosperity for everybody, $2.4 billion in grants to create electric cars and RVs? That’s unleashing prosperity for everybody? If Obama were truthful, what he would say is, ‘My health care plan is going to remove your private insurance. You are going to have to join the government plan. We are going to have counselors for you after you pass a certain age to counsel you on your end of care which will lead to your end of life.’

If he were honest he would say, ‘Our stimulus plan will not create any jobs. Only 4% of it’s been spent and most of it has gone to the states to help them with their deficits. Our stimulus plan never was about creating jobs. Our stimulus plan was about stimulating my party.’ But Obama can’t say that. He has to say — in the midst of destroying the greatest economy in the history of human civilization — that he’s going to ‘unleash prosperity for everybody, not just some.’ He hasn’t the power to ‘unleash prosperity for everybody, not just some.’ Prosperity has to be earned. He cannot grant it. He cannot promise it. A couple of sound bites from this soiree today. Here’s the first.

OBAMA: The Elkhart area has experienced the second greatest increase in the rate of unemployment in the country, up 10 points in a year. It’s a — a-stonishing statistic, and there have been times where nearly one in five people in this area have been looking for work. You’ve seen factories close and your sons and daughters move away in searches (sic) of jobs and opportunity. So this is more than an economic crisis. This goes to the heart and soul of a community. Our ability to recover and to prosper as a nation depends on what happens in communities just like this one. The battle for America’s future will be fought and won in places like Elkhart, in Detroit, in Goshen, in Pittsburgh, in cities and towns across the Midwest and across the country that have been the backbone of America.

RUSH: Uh… (sigh) I don’t know where to start. He’s talking to people in a community that have no hope because the ‘backbone’ of their community is a vehicle he intends to disallow down the road. Unnecessarily. Yeah, they’ve seen factories close. They’ve seen people move away in searches of jobs and opportunity, all during his administration — and not just during but because of his administration. But he promised ‘to unleash prosperity for everybody, not just some.’ So words are the tools to make you not believe the actions that are actually happening to you. He’s simply using words he knows people want to hear.


RUSH: One more Obama audio sound bite from this afternoon in the Elkhart, Indiana area.

OBAMA: We won’t just rescue the economy, but we’re going to rebuild it stronger than before. Now, there are a lot of people out there who are looking to defend the status quo. There are those who want to seek political advantage. They want to oppose these efforts. Some of them caused the problems that we got now in the first place, and then suddenly they’re blaming other folks for it. They don’t want to be constructive. They don’t want to be constructive, they just want to get into the usual political fights back and forth, and sometimes that’s fed by all the cable chatter on the media.

RUSH: So here’s a man who says there are a lot of people out there who are looking to defend the status quo. Let me tell you who’s defending the status quo. Barack Obama’s defending the status quo. The status quo is a shrinking, contracting economy. There is no expansion. There is no rescue. There is no recovery. There is no prosperity. All by design. Nobody’s standing up for this. None of his political opponents are saying this is what we want. He is saying this is what we want. He is saying this is what we’re going to have. It is Barack Obama who is a partisan politician from morning until night, 24/7. Barack Obama’s party is running TV ads impugning decent Americans for showing up and protesting his socialized medicine plan. Typical argument, straw dog here. There are people that want this? People that want this? ‘We’re going to not just rescue the economy. We’re going to rebuild it stronger.’ Where? When are you going to start? Do you even know how to do it? Do you even want an economy stronger than we ever had? It’s my contention if he did, he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing.

‘A lot of people out there are looking to defend the status quo.’ The only people I see defending it are you, Biden, Larry Summers, that idiot Orszag. Who else went out there? Romer. The people I see defending this mess is you! The people defending this mess, Harry Reid, the people defending this mess, the union bosses. The people defending this mess are the tort lawyers. The people defending this mess are its architects. The people defending this mess are the people who have made it. Have you heard one Republican stand up and say, ‘This is what we want; we’ve got to stop Obama because we want it right now.’ There are people who don’t want their healthcare to get worse. They want to preserve it. That’s why they’re showing up in droves.


RUSH: Here’s David Axelrod from February the 12th of this year.

AXELROD: Well, it can drive ‘a’ White House.

WOMAN: (giggling)

AXELROD: It may not drive ours. We try and keep our heads about us and, uhhh, pursue what we think is the appropriate strategy and that’s what we’re going to do here.

RUSH: He was asked the following question: ‘Would you agree a one-day drop in the market, one-day story can drive the news, drive the White House?’ ‘Well, it can drive a White House. It may not drive ours.’ The stock market is a tracking poll. We don’t pay much attention to it.

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