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RUSH: We must go back to yesterday’s program to illustrate, ladies and gentlemen, the power, the sheer power of this program. Yesterday we played an audio sound bite by well known activist disguised as a professor, Cornel West at Princeton University. He’s upset with his dear brother Barack Obama.

WEST: Two years later, we have missed the opportunity, unfortunately. We didn’t get the kind of leadership that we should. The president didn’t have enough backbone. He became too milquetoast. He would not fight big business, would not fight the big banks. He actually surcame too easily to big business and big banks — and, of course, the obstructionism on the right was helping push him to the center; and now, of course —

RUSH: All right, that’s enough. The word that he used in there, if you were listening to us in the waning moments of yesterday’s program was ‘surcame.’ We’d never heard of the word surcame, but we didn’t want to be hasty here in our accusations that a distinguished professor at a distinguished institution of higher learning had made up a word. So I instructed staff here to uncover every possibly dictionary available on the web, find for me the word ‘surcame.’ We knew what he meant: succumbed. I first instructed the staff to go to the Urban Dictionary, and the staff did. They didn’t find the word ‘surcame,’ but the word surcome was found. It’s basically the same thing as succumb but instead it’s a slang word used frequently in internet chat rooms. It is usually used for someone who must give in to the circumstances, usually used to describe something that gave way to death or illness, as in she surcomed to cancer. While we were discussing this, there was no listing for the word ‘surcame’ in any dictionary you could find on the internet, including the Urban Dictionary.

However, there now is an entry for the word surcame in the Urban Dictionary. It was entered yesterday. It was not a listing in that dictionary while we were discussing it. So as a result of this program and its usage by distinguished professor of political science, Cornel West, the word ‘surcame’ has now been listed in the Urban Dictionary. ‘Past tense of succumb. Was overcome by; was defeated by, or gave in. President came to the White house with a lot of good intentions to help the little guy, to make things fair, but he surcame to the wishes of big business, and to the political pressures of Washington DC.’ It sounds like Cornel West actually entered the word in the Urban Dictionary listing himself, after having the word used on this program. We were very studious in this, and we were very cautious. We’re very much aware that words are created out there all the time and rather than make the blanket accusation that a distinguished professor at an institution of higher learning had no idea what he was talking about, or was simply making up words out of whole cloth or had misspoken, we were restrained.

A researcher is telling me now he’s still not finding surcame in the Urban Dictionary. However, the broadcast engineer has found surcame: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=surcame is the link. It was there. Maybe it’s since been removed — he-he-he-he-he, in the last ten minutes — ’cause it was there before the program started. (laughing) Now maybe — he-he-he-he-he — maybe it’s been removed. Surcome was in there, surcame.

Yeah, just found it, and it was posted by T. Pro, whoever or whatever that is, January 5th, which was of course yesterday, so surcame is now in the Urban Dictionary.

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