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RUSH: I was called a terrorist, I’m told, today on TV. We have the audio sound bite here. In fact, grab number 24. Let’s play here before we go to the break. Now, what brought this on? Oh, I guess I’m being compared to Ayers, is what this is, I don’t know. This is The View on ABC. Cohost Barbara Walters says, ‘Elisabeth, do you ever, ever doubt anything about the Republicans, do you ever doubt?’

HASSELBECK: I’ve sat here and talked about Rush Limbaugh. I actually — when Barack Obama —

BEHAR: He’s not a Republican.

HASSELBECK: — gave his speech, and I’ve said this — when I have said — I can’t —

BEHAR: He’s a terrorist. Rush Limbaugh is a terrorist. You heard it here, ladies and gentlemen.

RUSH: (laughing) And they applauded! (laughing) She was saying I’m not a Republican. She wasn’t going to give Elisabeth Hasselbeck any credit because Elisabeth Hasselbeck — poor young woman — once did savagely attack me. I forget what about. So she was going to say, ‘Oh, yeah, Barbara, I attack Rush Limbaugh,’ and Joy Behar, ‘He’s not a Republican, he’s a terrorist!’

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