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RUSH: TIME Magazine on their website by the putrid Michael Grunwald, he’s the writer of the story: ‘The BP Spill: Has the Damage Been Exaggerated? — President Obama has called the BP oil spill ‘the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced,’ and so has just about everyone else. Green groups are sounding alarms about the ‘Catastrophe Along the Gulf Coast,’ while CBS, Fox and MSNBC slap ‘Disaster in the Gulf’ chryons on all their spill-related news. Even BP fall guy Tony Hayward, after some early happy talk, admitted the spill was an ‘environmental catastrophe.’ The obnoxious anti-environmentalist Rush Limbaugh has been a rare voice arguing that the spill — he calls it ‘the leak’ — is anything less than an ecological calamity, scoffing at the avalanche of end-is-nigh eco-hype.’ The obnoxious anti-environmentalist Rush Limbaugh, writes the putrid Michael Grunwald.

Well, the next paragraph begins this way. Well, the obnoxious and anti-environmentalist Rush ‘has a point. The Deepwater explosion was an awful tragedy for the 11 workers who died on the rig, and it’s no leak; it’s the biggest oil spill in U.S. history. It’s also inflicting serious economic and psychological damage on coastal communities. … Yes, the spill killed birds — but so far, less than 1% of the birds killed by the Exxon Valdez. Yes, we’ve heard horror stories about oiled dolphins — but, so far, wildlife response teams have collected only three visibly oiled carcasses of any mammals. Yes, the spill prompted harsh restrictions on fishing and shrimping, but so far, the region’s fish and shrimp have tested clean, and the restrictions are gradually being lifted. And, yes, scientists have warned that the oil could accelerate the destruction of Louisiana’s disintegrating coastal marshes … but, so far, shorelines assessment teams have only found about 350 acres of oiled marshes, when Louisiana was already losing about 15,000 acres of wetlands every year.’ So it’s convoluted piece, ladies and gentlemen, but does point out that the obnoxious and anti-environmentalist Rush Limbaugh has a point, that it’s all been exaggerated.

‘Marine scientist Ivor Van Heerden, another former LSU prof who’s working for a spill response contractor, says ‘there’s just no data to suggest this is an environmental disaster. I have no interest in making BP look good — I think they lied about the size of the spill — but we’re not seeing catastrophic impacts,’ says Van Heerden, who, like just about everyone else working in the Gulf these days, is being paid out of BP’s spill response funds. ‘There’s a lot of hype, but no evidence to justify it.’ The scientists I spoke with cite four basic reasons the initial eco-fears seem overblown. First, the Deepwater Horizon oil, unlike the black glop from the Valdez, is comparatively light and degradable…’ something I said within the first week of the spill. ‘…which is why the slick in the Gulf is dissolving surprisingly rapidly now that the gusher has been capped.’ It’s not surprising to me. It was predicted by me. I didn’t have to predict it because I knew this would be true.

‘Second, the Gulf of Mexico, unlike Prince William Sound, is balmy at more than 85 degrees, which also helps bacteria break down oil. Third, heavy flows of Mississippi River water helped keep the oil away from the coast, where it can do much more damage. Finally, Mother Nature can be incredibly resilient.’ Everything pointed out by the obnoxious anti-environmentalist Rush Limbaugh. Mother Nature can be incredibly resilient. Well, who’s Mother Nature? I’ll say it again. Mother Nature is God, the God of the Bible, the God of creation. This is the putrid Michael Grunwald, the writer: ‘Around Casse-tete Island in Timbalier Bay, where new shoots of spartina grasses were sprouting in oiled marshes, and new leaves were growing on the first black mangroves I had ever seen that were actually black. ‘It comes back fast, doesn’t it?’ Van Heerden said.’ Remarkably resilient, comes back fast. There you have it, the obnoxious anti-environmentalist Rush Limbaugh.

And the USA Today has a story: ‘Missing Oil in Gulf Baffles Officials.’ This is by Rick Jervis, USA Today, partisan political operative. ‘For more than three months, Gulf Coast residents and federal officials have asked where the oil spill was headed and how much damage it would deliver. Now, a new, equally baffling question looms: Where has the oil gone?’ Where is it? ‘The amount of surface oil that has bubbled up from the leaking well at the site of the Deepwater Horizon rig sinking has rapidly shrunk in size since the well was capped. … Recent flyovers of the spill area spotted only one sizeable oil deposit in the region, down considerably from the large pools of thick, reddish oil that washed into Louisiana’s coastal marshes and beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. ‘What we’re trying to figure out is: Where is all the oil at?’ said retired Coast Guard admiral Thad Allen, the oil response’s federal overseer. ‘There’s still a lot of oil that’s unaccounted for.”

I’ll tell you, it’s hiding next to the 3.6 million jobs that have been saved, admiral. It’s hiding right next to all the heat that the global warming people can’t find. So you can’t find the oil, the global warming hoaxers cannot find their global warming, and there’s three and a half million jobs that have been saved out there that nobody else can find. They’re all three hiding out together just to screw you. Do you realize the only reliable reporter in the media today is me? Now, you’re going to have a lot of people, ‘Of course the oil was gonna –‘ nobody had the guts to say this when it happened. I mean Gene Taylor did, a Democrat from Mississippi, and of course Anderson Cooper of Anderson Cooper 24 raked him over the coals as well as me for being insensitive and heartless and having zero compassion about this.

‘Federal scientists estimate that 126 million to 218 million gallons have spilled into the Gulf since the start of the spill. About 80 million gallons of that has been skimmed, burned off or captured in containment efforts — leaving at least 40 million gallons of crude unaccounted for.’ Where is it? ‘The Gulf’s searing summer heat could also speed up the biodegradation process. Microbes have been known to eat as much as 50% to 80% of oil patches in a few weeks during experiments.’ What, you mean the ocean’s going to take care of it? Exactly as who said? The obnoxious anti-environmentalist Rush Limbaugh who said the ocean is gonna eat it alive, those are my exact words, the ocean is gonna eat it alive? I said try surviving in seawater for very long and see what happens to you. Oil seeps from the ocean floor daily in amounts equal to what was leaking daily from the oil rig spill. Never makes the surface. It literally is eaten alive. And now all of a sudden microbes in the Gulf of Mexico, evil microbes have been known to eat as much as 50 to 80% of oil patches. My exact words, the ocean, the Gulf’s gonna eat it alive, it’s gonna eat it up, it’s gonna absorb it, it’s gonna evaporate. And I’m not a scientist.

‘Allen that said no one should breathe easy yet.’ Okay. (panting) We’re not breathing easy. We’re still in anticipation. (panting) This is still a disaster, right? Federal scientists say that ‘Less oil on the surface does not mean that there isn’t oil beneath the surface, however, or that our beaches and marshes aren’t still at risk.’ It’s true, they’re not. The beaches and marshes are not still at risk. It’s right here: ‘beaches and marshes aren’t still at risk.’ They’re not. Just in time for the Obamas to head down there on their third of four vacations in the last 30 days. ‘Federal scientists are still trying to determine how much oil may be lingering underwater. The underwater oil is floating through the water column, not embedded on the seafloor, said Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The lack of surface oil is being closely followed by the teams of fishers who have been recruited to clean up the oil as part of BP’s Vessels of Opportunity program. Many of them have relied on the program for income ever since the spill forced their fishing grounds to close.’ And now that source of income’s dried up. There’s no oil.

Will BP be given its $20 billion shakedown fund back? Ha. No, he didn’t say I’m anti-environment. TIME Magazine, the putrid Michael Grunwald referred to me as the obnoxious and anti-environmentalist Rush Limbaugh. Now, why am I obnoxious? ‘Cause I’m right, simple as pie. I’m obnoxious because I’m right. They just can’t stand it. I’m obnoxious because I’m right. (interruption) Why are they acknowledging it? That’s a good question. They could have written a story without putting my name in there. I guess they just wanted to call me obnoxious. It’s probably why they included me in the story. It is a good question, though. They could have written that story, ‘Guess what, the oil’s not there, baffling everybody.’ But no, they say the obnoxious Rush Limbaugh wasn’t fooled. Now, this is a lesson. I asked the question, ‘Why am I obnoxious?’ The answer: Because I’m right. You see how they try to intimidate people from speaking their minds. See how the ruling class tries to intimidate you from being right. If you’re right, you’re mean-spirited. If you’re right, you’re obnoxious. If you’re right, why, you’re anti-environment, you’re anti-everything if you’re right.


RUSH: You know, there’s another reason why the left is angry out there about this oil spill. Obama did not lift a finger to help. The left is looking at this, the environmentalist wackos, as such a blown opportunity. He did nothing — sat around for how many days, 58, 60 days? — and did diddly-squat. God took over. Obama cannot raise the seas, he cannot lower the seas, he cannot clean up the seas. He cannot get rid of the oil. I have the guts to report it. So all they can do — and don’t be surprised if this happens. Don’t be surprised if the partisan political operatives in the so-called media, the Fake Media, say, ‘Well, of course Obama didn’t do anything. He knew that this would take care of itself on its own.’

No, no, no! We’re not going to let ’em get away with that because it wasn’t long ago — how long ago was it? — that Obama went on TV and said he was in there shaving one morning (which he has to do, I understand, once a week) and his little girl came in and said (child voice), ‘Daddy? Daddy? Did you plug the leak yet, daddy? Did you plug the hole?’ So when the Fake Media comes around and says, ‘Obama knew it was going to take care of itself and that’s why he wasn’t in a panic.’ No, no, no, no. Obama’s family was panicking over whether or not he’d plugged the hole yet. Very, very simple. During the break I went back to the El Rushbo Stack of Stuff at my website. This is from my website Quick Hits page back on May 18th. The headline was ‘Hayward Got Bashed for Telling the Truth.’

This is what I said on this program back on May 18th: ‘I saw on television today the CEO of [BP]. I forget his name but he’s a doctor, a Ph.D. doctor. This guy is really in for it. I don’t know… This guy obviously has not been trained about how to deal with the media in this era, because he told the truth. He said (paraphrased), ‘Come on. Do not worry. This is not heavy crude like came out of the Exxon Valdez.’ He said, ‘When you look at the total water volume of the Gulf of Mexico, compared to what’s leaking from this oil well, it’s nothing.’ Now, that’s my word; he didn’t say ‘nothing,’ but he said, ‘This is not oil. It’s not even going to kill marine life. They’ll adapt to it. The marine life would not be able to adapt to heavy oil but this is light sweet oil and compared to the entire water volume of the Gulf, why, this is like raindrops in the ocean.”

‘He’s a geologist. I know he’s a geologist, but this guy is crucified now,’ I said back on May 18th when he said this. I continued by saying, ‘I just learned that the British Petroleum CEO’s name is Dr. Tony Hayward. Dr. Hayward gained a first-class geology degree and a Ph.D. from Edinburgh University at the age of 22, but what does he know? He’s the [BP] CEO who put in perspective the amount of oil that’s coming out of that leak compared to the entire water volume of the Gulf of Mexico. He would know much more than these politicians, of course, and yet the Obama [regime] is now having more investigations, and Ken Salazar’s come out, ‘You know, we failed.’ Somebody call Obama and say a member of his regime is using the word ‘fail.” So the point is Hayward was right just like I was. Now he’s been forced out of a job. He was attacked unmercifully and he has been forced from his job, all because he was right. He didn’t show sufficient compassion. He didn’t show sufficient empathy, didn’t show sufficient understanding. So he’s gone. He’s literally been dispatched to Siberia, and he was right. He put it in perspective.

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