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Rush’s Morning Update: Generation “L”
January 13, 2009

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Well, my friends, another day in Drive-By land,another Obama suck-up story. Here’s the latest Drive-By claim: When George Bush departs to “make way” for the Bamster, he won’t be leaving alone. Inauguration Day will supposedly “symbolize the passing of an entire generation: the Baby Boomer years.”

Despite being born in 1961– which means he is a Boomer– Barack Obama didn’t come of age in the civil rights struggles, the Vietnam protest, or the sexual revolution. According to Jonathan Pontell, a Los Angeles political consultant, our next president is a “walking, living prime example of Generation Jones.” That’s from the slang word “jonesing,” or craving, and as in a generation lost in the shuffle.

Jonesers are not ideological like Boomers, says Pontell. “Boomers were flower children out changing the world. We Jonesers were wide-eyed, not tie-dyed.” The Bamster is, quote, “an example of a new pragmatism: idealistic but realistic, post-partisan, unthreatened by dissent, eager and able to come up with new ways to solve problems.”

You get the drift, here:The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama the Most Merciful,is wise beyond his years. He is good in all manner that good can be good. Perfection incarnate.

Sadly, those who dream up this drivel –and the millions who read it– actually believe it. But it doesn’t matter what label you give a generation. From FDR’s greedy geezers, to LBJ’s Great Handout generation, to the so-called Jonesers, liberals are liberals. They offer liberal policies. And the Bamster is “Generation L”, folks. He’s liberal.

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