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Rush’s Morning Update: One Reason
July 6, 2010

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Well, for the first time since the Vietnam War, the Pentagon has recommended the White House award a living soldier the Medal of Honor,America’s highest award for valor.

In 2007, the solider,who has not been publicly identified,ran through a wall of enemy fire in Afghanistan to stop the advance of Taliban fighters who were close to overrunning his squad. His heroism resulted in saving a half dozen of his fellow troops.

The Washington Post recently ran an article advocating that President Obama issue him the awardfor various reasons. They say it would be an “important moment for President Obama, whose relationship with the military has been complicated” by his delays in arriving at an Afghanistan strategy, and the recent firing of General McChrystal. They also say it would be important for the militarybecause they are “exhausted” after nine years of deployments, and worried the country has “tuned out” of the war. The Post says awarding a living soldier the Medal of Honor would “give the president an opportunity to ease some of the military’s feelings of estrangement from the rest of US society.”

Correction: Democrats are estranged from the military; the country isn’t. We’re proud of them.We support them. We love them.We honor their service.

IfObama awards this hero the Medal of Honor– and that’s his call as Commander-in-Chief– it ought tobe for one reason:This brave soldierhas earned it.It ought have nothing to do with Obama and his relationship with the military…which isn’t going to improve no matter what the hell he does!

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