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RUSH: All right, let me tell you what else is shaking out there. In addition to the Obama campaign lying about who started the rumor about his wife, Michelle (My Belle), supposedly going off on some rant at the pulpit at their wacko church and using the term ‘whitey’ to describe white people, nobody on our side ever said it was true, nobody on our side ever said they had seen it. Democrats put it out. This is all being done on purpose so as to discredit any critic of Obama at any time on anything. That’s what this is about. Now, there’s another little controversy that’s hilarious, and it’s brewing out there, and this, by the way, all this happening to the messiah who is going to unite us. Apparently, earlier this week on Fox, Michelle Malkin appeared as a Fox News contributor, a guest analyst. And whoever was composing the graphics that you see on the bottom of the screen put something up that said something along the lines of, Michelle is Obama’s baby mama.

Now, the Obama camp is just livid and they’re accusing Michelle Malkin of saying it. She didn’t say it. She didn’t even know it was on the screen when she was watching. Somebody at the Chyron department back at Fox put it up there. Don’t know how it happened, but it did. When you say that somebody is somebody’s baby mama, it’s considered to be somewhat insulting. I don’t know why it should insult anybody with pop culture the way it is today, but it’s considered to be insulting because it means that the baby is not the product of a loving marriage. So? I mean, we have a number of births that don’t come from loving marriages, and they are celebrated, Hollywood and this kind of thing, Drive-Bys go nuts over, you know, who’s messing with who.

So anyway, in case you haven’t heard it, on Fox News, there was a graphic, and it said Obama’s baby mama, and it had a picture of Michelle (My Belle). In case you didn’t hear about this. Well, if they want me to spread rumors, I’ll spread truth. This actually happened. Was on the Fox News Channel, a little graphic under a picture of Michelle (My Belle) said ‘Obama’s baby mama.’ And of course Obama’s baby mama is upset about it. And, of course, Obama is upset about it. And the website, the anti-smear website, they’re all upset about it as well. It’s funny to watch this stuff. What I think is hilarious about it is that it’s all happening to this guy, this Moses, this messiah that has all these great qualities that can unite everybody behind him. There is no evidence of it. The guy’s a myth. He’s a 100% total myth, caricatured and created by a bunch of handlers.


RUSH: Interesting, one of the writers at the Limbaugh Letter, Katherine Ernst, just sent me the most fascinating thing. Her subject line is, ‘Hey dude.’ What boss, I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, would smile when an employee addresses an e-mail: ‘Hey dude.’ I smile. ‘I distinctly remember this because I’m from Illinois. When Obama won his Senate seat in 2004, at the victory party, Michelle introduced him to the crowd as ‘my baby’s daddy.’ And she did so rather excitedly. I grabbed the transcript off Nexis.’ Here’s an excerpt from CNN. Blitzer: ‘We can take a look. Maybe he will and maybe he won’t, but she looks like she’s about to introduce him. Let’s listen in.’ Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Obama, and in the middle of her glowing, excited introduction of her husband, Barack Obama, she said, ‘My baby’s daddy, Barack Obama! Yeah!’ She introduced her husband as ‘my baby’s daddy.’ Barack Obama, senator-elect, Illinois: ‘Thank you, Illinois. Thank you. Thank you, Illinois.’

You know, I’m thinking I might have seen this. Not that I remember she said ‘my baby’s daddy,’ but what I remember — if this is what I saw — if it wasn’t this, it was another event, but I remember she did some rousing introduction of this guy. I mean, it was one of the best introductions I’ve ever heard. She was calling him ‘my man,’ I love this guy, my man. She might have said ‘my baby’s daddy, Barack Obama.’ And he came out and didn’t even acknowledge her. And I thought, ‘How in the world do you not thank your wife after an introduction like that?’ So I may have seen this. Anyway, Obama said, ‘Thank you, Illinois. Thank you. Thank you, Illinois. I don’t know about you but I’m still fired up. I am fired up. Look at this crowd. Thank you, Illinois. Let me begin by thanking all the people who have been involved in this effort from down state to upstate, city, suburb, from every community throughout the state. Let me say how grateful I am to all of you for the extraordinary privilege of standing here this evening. Let me thank, because I will forget later on, it’s a thankless task, let me thank right now the best political staff that has been put together in this state. They are wonderful. You know who you are. You guys have been outstanding. I appreciate all of you. Let me thank my pastor, Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. of Trinity United Church of Christ, fellow Trinitarians out there. Let me thank all the elected officials who have stood by me through thick and through thin, but most of all let me thank my family.’

So this is 2004, this is four years ago, and Michelle introduces him as ‘my baby’s daddy.’ Right. So we’ll find a way to get that on the Obama website in the form of a comment.

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