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RUSH: Listen to this audio sound bite. This is Senator Barb ‘Babs’ Mikulski on the Senate floor late yesterday. Listen to this.

MIKULSKI: This tone of vitriolic, viciousness, I think, has got to stop The attack on the Graeme [sic–Frost] family, picked up by Rush Limbaugh, the same guy who’s calling dissident military people ‘microphone Marines,’ and the, uh, smear went on with them.

RUSH: Microphone Marines? (laughing) What is a ‘microphone Marine’? I haven’t called anybody microphone Marine! It’s another smear job. It’s another lie. Now they’re linking me with this so-called attack on the Frost family kids. You know, folks, the point about the Frost family and this whole S-CHIP thing — and there’s great news about that today, by the way. USA Today has a poll out, and get this. This poll has got to just devastate Mrs. Clinton and the whole socialized-medicine crowd. Despite the Drive-Bys, 52% of the American people back the president, and say insurance targeting poor kids should go to poor kids. Imagine that! Fifty-two percent actually believe the program should remain constituted as it is and not be expanded the way the Democrats want to. By the way, Republicans are going to have enough votes to sustain the president’s veto on this. This is a big win for the Republicans, and they need to start acting like it. In this USA Today poll, 55% of the American people do not want private insurance dropped in order to go on the government dole. They do not want to have to drop their private insurance, and they don’t want to be forced to drop their private insurance in order to take a government insurance plan for health care. Fifty-five percent! You know, this conflicts with some Rasmussen polls.

Well, actually it doesn’t. Rasmussen polls, I think the last one I saw was that over 50% — 55% — would love for Americans to be getting ‘free’ health care, would love for Americans to get free health care, but not go on a government-run program. This poll actually is somewhat consistent with the second half of that poll. But the Drive-Bys — and, of course, everybody has been parading these kids around — the Democrats have come up with another kid now. Yeah, I have the story somewhere here in the stack. Well, yeah, this one’s poor. This one is actually poor. But, in both cases, here’s what everybody’s missing: I don’t care what had been said about the finances of the Frost family and the kids, the fact is that the program as presently constituted — I’m sorry — ‘presently’ is not the right way to say this. People misuse this all the time. ‘Presently’ means ‘in the near future.’ As at present — I’m a stickler for language here as a consummate, as a highly trained broadcast specialist. As it is at present currently structured, the Frost family was covered. The Frost family is out there on television (whining), ‘I can’t get health care! (crying) President Bush, wah, wah, wah!’ No, President Bush is not trying to deny coverage to people like the Frosts, and this other woman, with a little kid that the Democrats are now parading out, is also covered by the current structure of the S-CHIP program.

But I just think this is fabulous news out here that the Drive-Bys have done everything they can to push this whole notion of socialized medicine, to rip the president as being heartless, and cold, and cruel to children. See, this is why you gotta celebrate the new media, folks, and people like me. Because 20 years ago, this would have happened, and there wouldn’t have been any opposition to it whatsoever, and you would not know the truth and you would believe what the media is telling you. Well, some of you would. I mean, there’s always been a sizable contingent of people out there that didn’t trust the Drive-By Media.


RUSH: We finally found an explanation here for Barbara Mikulski, Senator from Maryland, using the term ‘microphone Marines.’ But in typical Senate Democrat fashion, she got it wrong. They are making history on the Democrat side in the Senate of getting it wrong. Here again is Mikulski late yesterday afternoon on the Senate floor.

MIKULSKI: This tone of vitriolic viciousness, I think, has got to stop.

RUSH: Yes.

MIKULSKI: The attack on the Graeme [sic–Frost] family was quickly picked up by Rush Limbaugh, the same guy who’s calling dissident military people ‘microphone Marines,’ and then, the smear went on with them.

RUSH: All right, so we couldn’t figure this out, ‘microphone Marines.’ I’ve never used the phrase. I certainly never used the phrase to discuss dissident what? ‘Dissident military people.’ Well, we did a little research here, and there’s column from October 10th. What is this? This is the 16th. So this is six days ago in the Baltimore Sun by Thomas Schaller entitled ‘Microphone Marines.’ I’m reading now from his piece: ‘These ‘microphone Marines,’ such as Mr. Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, have convinced themselves that their outrage-filled rants, disinformation campaigns and challenges to others’ patriotism constitute national service.’ So, this schlub is calling me a ‘microphone Marine.’ It’s just a new updated term, I guess, for ‘chicken hawk.’ Mikulski couldn’t even get that right! She thinks that I was calling dissident military people ‘microphone Marines.’ (sigh) Anyway, the smear continues with this column. How does this idiot keep a job? This guy is a columnist at the Baltimore Sun, and he’s dead wrong. I guess it doesn’t matter. ‘They convince themselves that their outrage-filled rants, disinformation campaigns, and challenge others’ patriotism…’ I’m the one who was called ‘unpatriotic,’ idiot! (tearing up paper) I’m laughing, folks. (laughing) I’m not mad. This is parallel universe time like it’s never been. The other side does not want to get it right. This is a great illustration, folks, of what they use the media monopoly for. They have their narratives; they have their templates. The truth is the most inconvenient thing to them. Fiction is what they need to survive, and in order to sell and peddle fiction, you need a monopoly and they don’t have their monopoly anymore, but they’re still peddling their fiction and they don’t understand how it is destroying them and discrediting them — and, for that, ladies and gentlemen, I celebrate, and I say, ‘I’m happy,’ because it’s succeeding.


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