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RUSH: The Reverend Sharpton, ladies and gentlemen, was on the O’Reilly Factor last night; and the Reverend Sharpton was asked about the latest Al-Qaeda video referring to Barack Obama as a ‘house negro,’ and they asked the Reverend Sharpton what he thought about this.

SHARPTON: To now come at this point and try and define, that they are going to be the decider of who are the heroic blacks and to use such a derogatory, racist term against the president; I think it is an insult and something that is absolutely denigrating and racist, and I don’t care who says otherwise. I would take that position.

RUSH: Now, folks, is it me? Am I so out of touch here that this sounds absurd? Who are we talking about here? Al-Qaeda has murdered 3,000 Americans inside of 45 minutes to an hour-and-a-half; they have beheaded American journalists; they have committed all kinds of atrocities all over the world. And now the American left is finally upset at Al-Qaeda (and Al Sharpton particularly) ’cause how dare they say something racist! They can kill whoever they want, whenever they want, and we’ll do our best to understand it. But when they start using racist language, why, that’s the last straw! This reminds me of another story, this guy that — I hate to bring up bad memories, but — Polly Klaas in California, the little girl who was kidnapped and raped and murdered. They found the guy that did it, and they brought him to trial, and they found him guilty; and at the sentencing he turned around and flipped off the journalists. He flipped ’em the bird, and that’s when they started hating him: only when he flipped him off. They were sympathetic to the guy. This is the same thing. But let’s go back, February 13th, 2007, Tennessee State University Nashville, Reverend Sharpton during a Q&A. An audience member says, ‘Do you believe that political leaders like Rice and Powell are viewed as ‘house negroes’ by other African-Americans?’

SHARPTON: I don’t know that they’re viewed as ‘house negroes’ in the term. I believe that they are in the house and rest of us are in the field. (laughter) So it would not be an inaccurate description.

RUSH: There’s the Reverend Sharpton describing Rice and Powell basically as ‘house negroes,’ but when Al-Qaeda calls Obama that: Why, this is intolerable! We can’t put up with it!

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