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RUSH: Sound bites, couple real quick ones here. This is on the McLaughlin Group Sunday morning. Syndicated columnists Pat Buchanan and Eleanor Clift have this very brief exchange about climate change.

BUCHANAN: I think I’m with Rush on this one.

McLAUGHLIN: Rush who?

BUCHANAN: Rush Limbaugh. We hope it fails.

RUSH: (laughing) I forgot. I told Mike to play the right sound bite. I cued the wrong one. Grab three, since I talked about it. This is Buchanan and Clift.

BUCHANAN: There’s no known proof that it’s because of man.

CLIFT: (screeching) There’s no known proof there’s God, either!

BUCHANAN: It’s not a danger!

MCLAUGHLIN: Hang on, Eleanor.

CLIFT: (screeching) How much proof do you need, Pat?

RUSH: ‘There’s no known proof that there’s God, either. How much proof do you need, Pat?’ Religion does not pretend to be science; science is now pretending to be religion. You see how easy this is? Here’s Paul Krugman. Now, this guy’s a genuine idiot. This was on This Week during the roundtable. He said this about the e-mails from East Anglia University…

KRUGMAN: All these e-mails, um, people have never seen what academic discussion looks like. There is not a single smoking gun in there. There’s nothing in there. And the travesty is that people are not able to explain why the fact that 1998 was a very warm year, uhh, doesn’t actually mean that global warming has stopped.

RUSH: Here is a respected economist in the New York Times proving his absolute idiocy. Ah, we just don’t know. The scientists use the word ‘trick’ and they send e-mails to each other. We just don’t know what an academic discussion looks like. We’re too stupid, too stupid to understand what we’ve read. It’s sort of like saying, ‘Hey, look, of course politicians steal. They’re politicians! What’s the big deal? It’s no different than that. Of course scientists lie. That’s what they do! You’re just not smart enough to understand what it all means,’ and then during the roundtable, George Will spoke with Cokie Roberts. He said, ‘Is there a larger venture capital firm in this country than the Energy Department of this government which right now is sending out billions and billions of dollars in speculation on green energy?’

ROBERTS: But I think that that’s something the — the — the American people want. I mean we — we — we want green jobs. We don’t want to see those polar bears, you know, on those ice floes without any ice around them.

RUSH: Cokie Roberts speaking for liberals everywhere: Forget the evidence. Forget the evidence! We need green jobs. We’ll support cap and tax to save the polar bears.

This is what an academic discussion looks like. George Will is an academic; Cokie Roberts fashioned herself as one. Here’s an academic discussion. ‘Of course the American people want that. We want green jobs.’ There aren’t any! There’s no such thing! ‘We don’t want to see the polar bears on ice floes without…?’ Those are doctored pictures, Cokie. Besides, a polar bear can swim 60 miles. Sometimes they like to frolic, but those are not melting glaciers. How is it that we know this and the supposedly smarter media people around us just are as ignorant as a whale?

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