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RUSH: Jo, Boca Raton, Florida, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I just have a couple things to say. First of all, I think your name should be Rush ‘Limbully,’ because all you do is bully Obama, and you’re such a critic.

RUSH: Rush ‘Limbully’?


RUSH: Huh.

CALLER: Secondly, I want to know why you are so against a single-payer health care plan.

RUSH: Because of socialism.

CALLER: It’s not socialism. And my last question is: How can…?

RUSH: It most certainly is. When the government takes over one-sixth of the economy, that’s socialism, Jo.

CALLER: It’s not socialism, Rush. They do it over in Canada. They do it in places where they have the best health care.

RUSH: And everybody that can leaves Canada to come down here for major surgery and average treatment, Jo!

CALLER: That’s not true either.

RUSH: What is it with you people in Boca Raton? You have to have an encounter group session when Kerry loses, and now you think single-payer is not socialism?

CALLER: It’s not. I have one more question, Rush.

RUSH: Jo, let me ask you: Why don’t you want to assume the responsibility of paying your own way? Why do you want me to pay for you? Why do you want your neighbors to pay for you? Because the government is not the single-payer. The single-payer is every one of our neighbors, every other citizen in this country who’s going to have to pay because you don’t want to. Now, why don’t you want to assume your own responsibility? Do you buy your own food or do you want me to buy your food for you, too?

CALLER: No, I want to pay for somebody else who can’t make as much as me. I’m happy to do that.

RUSH: Well, where do you draw the line on this? What if somebody can’t have the same kind of car you have? Are you going to make up the difference so they can have the same kind of car you have?

CALLER: That’s not true, Rush. But I’ll tell you the last —

RUSH: What’s ‘not true’? What’s not true? I didn’t say anything was true; I asked you a question.

CALLER: I’m saying that I believe that single-payer would be best for the American who cannot make as much as you and I do. That’s all I’m trying to say to you, and it’s not getting through to you. My last question —

RUSH: You know something? Single-payer would be a step down for me and a whole lot of other people. You’d have bureaucratic red tape; you’d be waiting in long lines like they are in Canada and the UK.

CALLER: You’re a psychic?

RUSH: I can’t believe this.

CALLER: So can you tell me what my future holds ahead of me? Are you a psychic?

RUSH: Yes, I can because you’re a liberal. I know exactly what you’re going to say before you’re going to say it. I know what you’re going to do before you’re going to do it.

CALLER: This is, unfortunately, where Obama’s put in the situation where he has Bush’s funds he’s trying to recover, and you guys are blaming it on Obama, you and Beck and Savage —

RUSH: The problem here is that you’re a liberal. You’re a socialist and you don’t have to deal with facts. I have to deal with facts. The largest Bush deficit ever was $168 or $200 billion and already Obama’s built that up to $1.6 TRILLION. He did not inherit any of this from George W. Bush. But did I come through as being Rush ‘Limbully’? Good, good.


RUSH: Try this headline: ‘Canadian Premier’s US Surgery a Success.’ A high officeholder left Canada to come to the US. He abandoned the wonderful single-payer system in Canada to come here for heart surgery.


RUSH: So I have a new nickname from the caller in Boca Raton. I think that place is 100% socialist based on everything I know, people I know who live there, and the things that come out of there. Like I am now Rush ‘Limbully’, I am bullying Obama. Have I taken over the White House? Am I in charge of what he gets paid? I haven’t taken over any car companies. I haven’t bullied any people on Wall Street. I’m the bully? The bully is in the White House.

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