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RUSH: How about this Russian spy ring? You know, this is right out of a book. If you haven’t read the book, go get The Charm School by Nelson DeMille. Nelson DeMille’s latest book is called The Lion. That’s a fabulous book. Do not read the last 40 pages before you go to work. The Lion, by Nelson DeMille. Fabulous. He wrote a book years ago called The Charm School. The Charm School is all about how the Soviets planted spies in the United States that were educated and trained to blend into American suburbia as though they were native born.

They spoke the language, they had the right accents, they joined the country clubs. This spy ring they’ve uncovered in New York and New Jersey is right out of Nelson DeMille’s The Charm School. So here’s Obama out there having a Happy Meal with Medvedev at the bad burger joint. (interruption) By the way, you guys get your pizza in there yet? Really smart move, huh? (interruption) Mmm-hmm. (interruption) Yeah, right. You went the wrong place, right. Well, you changed the menu order and you deserve this. You screw up on the chicken fingers and you go pizza and you deserve to have it show up late. Anyway, Obama’s out there and who knows? Maybe these two guys were part of the spy ring. They’re spying on us. It’s 1962 all over again! Why do they have to spy on us? Obama will tell ’em anything they want to know. Man, oh, man. History is repeating itself in so many ways. Fascinating stuff.


RUSH: “Moscow angrily rejected US accusations today that Washington had cracked an undercover spy ring and said the Cold War style cloak and dagger saga seemed time to wreck a recent thaw in relations. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said US police had gone out of control after ten suspected spies were arrested in the US in the biggest espionage case for years.” US police out of control. Well, he would know, he would know if police are outta control. He was the KGB. And don’t forget, they may call it the BBD, or the BFR, the BFF, it’s still the KGB, and no one, no one ever leaves the KGB.

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