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RUSH: Quick sound bite here before we go back to the calls. Grab number 26. This had nothing to do with anything, except me. I think it’s fascinating because last night on the floor of the House, Republican Representative John Carter and Michael Burgess of Texas, both Republicans, had this exchange about me.

CARTER: The Washington Post is certainly not something that Rush Limbaugh and the boys consider their newspaper. Let’s see what the Washington Post said on March 21st. ‘Individual mandate extends the commerce clause’s power beyond economic activity to economic inactivity.’ That is unprecedented. Regulating the automobile industry by paying cash for clunkers is one thing. Making everyone buy a Chevy is quite another. That’s in the Washington Post.

BURGESS: I was going to agree with the gentleman that the Washington Post is not likely to be found in the Rush Limbaugh Stack of Stuff that he uses on his radio program every day.

RUSH: Holy smoly, the members of Congress are talking about the Stack of Stuff. Right on, right on, right on, right on.

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