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Tell me, folks, a quick question here. You know, we know that a value-added tax is coming, and we know that the income tax is not going to be cut or no other tax is going to be cut. We know this is a tax upon other taxes. Now, would somebody explain to me why? Because Obama and the Democrats told us that the health care bill was going to cut the deficit. Obama and the Democrats told us it was going to cut the deficit, gonna get the size of government down, that health care was bankrupting the country, and we had to pass this bill ’cause the CBO said, ‘Oh, yeah! It’s gonna cut the deficit!’ If the health care bill cuts the deficit, what’s all this talk about a VAT tax?

I have an idea. I’ve been thinking about this, and I think — you know, we still all have too much reverence for the federal government as an entity. We look at it with way too much reverence. We should apply the same SEC, FTC, and other regulatory standards imposed on private enterprise on the government. For example, why is fraud criminalized when applied to the private sector, but praised as compassion when practiced by the federal government and liberal politicians? I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the AP story out today, 47% of Americans do not pay any income tax. Forty-seven percent. What the hell do you think is happening? Who do you think’s running and supporting the country? Seventy-three percent, 73% of all income tax rated revenues are being paid by 10% of the population. Right there is a fraud. Right there is generational theft. We have the people who are producing in this country dwindling in number, they are still targeted by the Democrats as the problem in the country. We are raising taxes on everybody who works, I don’t care what class you’re in, your taxes are going to skyrocket because of health care, because of the VAT, all the other hidden tax increases coming, the sunset of the Bush tax cuts, and the money is being redistributed to people who are not paying any taxes at all, who still remain the darlings, who still remain the ‘rightful owners’ of the nation’s wealth.

This is 25,000 times worse than anything Bernie Madoff ever thought about doing. And Bernie Madoff is serving how many life terms? Just got beat up by somebody the other day. Why is it that if you are a crook in the private sector for applying liberal policies to your business activities, you’re a progressive and compassionate politician in government for doing the same thing? If you go take somebody else’s money and give it to somebody else, you are a thief. Why is the government not held to the same standards as those of us in the private sector? By liberal policies, I mean taking money from people, lying to them about it, lying to them about what you’re actually doing, cooking the books, fixing the numbers, bribes and payoffs. If you or I tried just one move like the Cornhusker Kickback, if you and I tried one thing in the private sector, like the Louisiana Purchase, we would be indicted and sent up to jail and made an example of. Crime has become institutionalized in Washington, as run by this regime, and they call it compassion, and they tell us, the people working in this country, that it’s our responsibility to make sure that our neighbors, who are cast as some helpless, poor, incompetent lot of people, depend on it ’cause they are the real owners of the country, they are the ones who rightfully own the nation’s wealth. They’re only poor because we have screwed them. We have extorted from them. We have taken advantage of them. This is the liberal playbook.

Is there any doubt that if Nancy Pelosi were chairman or CEO of some big company, that all the lies she told about health care would be considered material misrepresentations for which she would be criminally accountable in the private sector? You let any CEO lie, a publicly held company, lie and offer bribes and kickbacks to advance whatever the CEO’s agenda is throughout the company, make sure the shareholders don’t find out about it, they get screwed — she wouldn’t last a week in that position. We seem to have one code of ethics and law for the private sector, which is consistent with our moral and religious beliefs. We have another code of ethics and law for the public sector, which is consistent with what can be called nothing other than criminal behavior. We have to call it for what it is.

Why is Obama historic for all the damage he has done to our society? Why is Obama historic for all the damage he has done to our economy, to our finances? But then Bernie Madoff is a hated criminal? Madoff was a crook, no doubt about it, but who’s done more damage to more people, today and in the future, Madoff or Obama? Madoff or Pelosi? Madoff or Harry Reid? I’m just putting it to you straight up. Bernie Madoff is a piker compared to this regime and the damage that they have inflicted on all of us, our society, our economy, our finances, and now, with the signing of this stupid treaty today, our national security.

The problem we have is that statism, which is this regime, takes what would otherwise be criminal behavior, and treats it as a virtue. The media treats it as a virtue, all of this criminal behavior. They have institutionalized fraud, and they call it progress. And there’s no sign that it’s gonna stop.


RUSH: In the first hour, I threw down all inhibitions and made the point that what is happening in this regime and in Congress is nothing different than what would be called crime and fraud for which you would go to jail in the private sector. Stealing, bribes, payoffs, virtually every way that they used to get this health care bill passed involved criminal activity if it took place at a corporation or a small business or in your neighborhood. Now, these guys make Bernie Madoff look like a piker. And these guys — Obama, Pelosi, Reid — they are hurting more people than Bernie Madoff ever dreamed of hurting. They are bilking more people than Madoff ever dreamed of bilking. And yet when they do it, it’s called compassion. It’s almost virtuous the way they are described. ‘Look at what they do for people, look at how much they care.’ They are stealing! They are printing money that they don’t have. They are bankrupting the country. They are destroying the very engine of wealth creation that has enabled them to redistribute this wealth in the first place. And as they continue to destroy that, they are gonna continue to run this country into the ground with more and more debt, higher deficits. It’s a never-ending cycle if the policies of this regime are not stopped.

Here’s another example. Insurance companies. The states have laws on insurance companies. We’ve had this call from our insurance babe in Georgia. They have a requirement that they have certain cash reserves on hand to pay out claims in case of an emergency or something that involves a lot of claims being paid off at one time. Shouldn’t that apply to government health care? Shouldn’t the federal government have the same requirement that insurance companies have? Shouldn’t they be required to have a cash reserve on hand? Well, no, they will not have a cash reserve on hand because they don’t have any cash. They are bankrupt. We don’t have any money. All they’ll do is print it or borrow it from someplace, somebody, and spend it. And they will run these poor private insurance people out of business because the government does not have to make a profit, which is a good thing, ’cause there’s nobody there that knows how to.

In fact, most of the people in this regime look at profit and sneer. They see profit as greed. You know where the real greed is? The real greed is at the White House. The real greed is in Pelosi’s office. The real greed is in Harry Reid’s office. The real greed is throughout Washington, DC. When they talk about rich corporations, greedy corporations, what are they saying? ‘They’re exploiting the proletariat, they’re exploiting people by high prices, lousy service, and killing them with bad cars and so forth, and it’s just the pursuit of greed.’ What the hell is what they are doing if it isn’t greed? They have the power to act on their greed by stealing other people’s money, calling it the tax code or calling it printing money they don’t have. You talk about greed, these are the people that don’t spend a dime of their own money but give yours away in order to buy votes to keep themselves in power.

That’s another thing, you try that in a corporation, see how long you survive if the SEC hears about it. Greed, corporate sector? No. Pursuit of profit? Yeah. But that’s even been demonized. These people in the White House, these people in Congress sneer at the very fact of profit. They somehow believe that a company will stay in business with a zero balance sheet. They spend as much as they earn, and they’ll keep doing it so the company will stay in business, and they need it to stay in business so they can continue to fleece it. And yet the thing that allows them to fleece it — profit — they attack.

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