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“So Henry Waxman will now use government money to do what Media Matters does. Bring it on, Congressman. Just bring it on.”

“I honestly believe Henry Waxman would be just as comfortable as he is now as a hack member of the Venezuelan parliament working side by side with Hugo Chavez.”

“As I’ve always said, you people are like a family to me. And through all of these controversies and challenges, it’s been all of you who sustain me.”

“Sometimes, I think… Well, if Obama can say it, I can say it: Sometimes I think there is divine intervention in my life where it concerns this program.”

“You want to have some fun today? Send an e-mail to somebody you know that is a lib and wish them a happy Columbus Day, and watch what you get back: ‘What do you mean, Happy Columbus Day? Racist, sexist, murderer!'”

“If you’re a lib and something proves you wrong, you ignore it because your ideological triumph is what matters more than any factual honesty.”

“Any time you see ‘progressive’ to describe someone’s ideology, think ‘socialist’. Think ‘liberal’. When you see the word ‘progressive’ used by a liberal, red flags ought to go up.”

“The first thing that happens with money that flows into Washington is it gets spent! The federal deficit’s not your fault, folks, and it’s not mine. It’s the government’s.”

“Congress may be a men’s club, Ms. Pelosi, but, my God — how many of their testicles are in Mrs. Clinton’s and your lockbox?”

“I should actually start doing campaign-type rallies with balloons and signs that say, ‘Limbaugh ’08.’ Ha! That would shake ’em up!”


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