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RUSH: My brother’s book is out today. I’m going to be talking more about it in detail as the program unfolds, Crimes Against Liberty, but it is the book you need to read for this election season. It is the book. It answers every Obama question that people have, goes into a lot of depth about why Obama is who he is personally as well as politically and how the two impact each other. We’re going to be making mention of that also on the Facebook page.

RUSH: I mentioned at the top of the program that my brother has been working diligently on a book. I know this because he’s been putting things for me on the back burner. He has been working diligently for the last six to seven months, and this book is amazing. It’s called Crimes Against Liberty, and I have to say I am really proud of this. This is incredible good. Not that I’m surprised. I don’t mean to sound I’m surprised. I’m proud. It’s just terrific. It gets it all down in writing. Nobody has written this stuff. I mean, even the so-called conservative blogs and websites don’t actually get to the real crux of this like my brother David has in print. I read this over the weekend. It is the most complete indictment of Obama and his administration in print that you will see.

And its timing now — two-and-a-half months, right before the November election — is perfect. It is a page-turning read. It will reinforce and validate every instinct you have about this president and his regime, and it is a reference tool for everybody to know and to detest about this administration. I sent my brother a note. He said, ‘I want to send you a copy of the book. You don’t have to talk about it. I know you’ll feel awkward talking about it,’ and a little bit, I sometimes do. Some people might think that I have no credibility because it’s my brother, that I would say it even if it stunk. (interruption) Oh, I don’t usually diss him. I tease David for the fun of it, but this is really, really good and I’m not surprised by it at all. I’m just extremely proud of it.

I am proud, ’cause I know how hard he worked on it. I know how much of my stuff got thrown aside so he could finish this because this was important. I think it’s just so well written. I can speak, and I think much better when I’m speaking than when I’m sitting down writing. David’s just the opposite. When he sits down his mind comes alive, and he’s able to get it down on paper quickly and exactly as he’s thinking about it. It is comprehensive. It’s a reference guide. Folks, it’s going to validate everything you think. It’s backed up with footnotes and all this stuff. It’s not just opinion ranting. Even Erick Erickson at Red State has reviewed it, and here’s some of the things he said:

‘There are a lot of books out and coming out that will examine Barack Obama and his Presidency, but none so far have actually examined Obama’s character and conduct as President,’ and that’s true because most people assume that Obama is perfect, ‘the one we’ve all been waiting for,’ and this book says: No, this is not the guy that we’ve been told he is. He does believe he’s messianic. He is a narcissist. One of the keys that David gets into in this book is you always examine the people who support you — What do they think of you? — and he points out that even on Obama’s support side some people are not personally enamored of the guy, totally unlike what has been reported to us.

‘In essence, no one has examined how well Obama is handling the Politics 101 of his job — being liked by those who elected him.’ This book deals with the people who voted for Obama and how they are realizing that they were shafted, misled. Erick Erickson says, ‘Only David Limbaugh has done this. His new book, Crimes Against Liberty, is just out and I’ve read through it. (Full disclosure: our sister company, Regnery Publishing, which is also publishing my book, published David’s) David Limbaugh really gets into the play of personality and conduct of Obama — the bully behind the bully pulpit. ‘We were told we were getting a cool, calm, steady leader who could rise above emotional impulses to deliver classic statesmanship and prudent governance.

”But all too often we witness in him a petulant and vindictive bully who doesn’t seem to understand why anyone would challenge his omniscience.” That’s a quote from the book. You’re not going to find this stuff written anywhere, even on our side. You know, the people on our side dance around this ’cause they’re afraid any criticism will be met with a charge of racism and all that. So it’s Crimes Against Liberty, and I think he’s in New York today. He’s going to be on Hannity, he’s going to be on Mark Levin’s radio show, he’s going to be all over the place. He even went so far over the weekend as he was outlining his own book in order to prepare for these media appearances. For himself, he was outlining his own book to be able to talk about it. So I just wanted to give it a genuine plug because it’s well worth your time.

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